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Frequently Asked Questions: JenesisClassic

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Introducing the option to rename the Suspense box in JenesisClassic – one way Jenesis is making your life easier.

Jenesis insurance software for agents was thoughtfully designed to help insurance agents be more efficient, and this simple rename feature has been highly requested. We’re so happy to announce that this affordable insurance agency management system from just got better!

This video tutorial teaches you how to rename the Suspense box title and make it easier for you to understand and use the JenesisClassic system.

JenesisClassic – Customize Suspense Box

In the center of your Jenesis Classic dashboard screen, the main box that houses your to-do list or action items is entitled Suspense.

These actions are pending, in process, need attention, or require your follow up today. However, if you weren’t trained using the term “suspense” for these items, this might be confusing.

You can now easily change the Suspense box title to any other term you like, making it easier for you to track and take action on your pending tasks.

Check out this other helpful Suspense tip in JenesisClassic:

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JenesisClassic – Tabs Feature

JenesisClassic windows now open as tabs instead of maintaining all navigation inside one window.

Now you can navigate from the Dashboard window into a customer profile and into a customer policy, all without having to click back or navigate away from your original dashboard window.

Each navigation selection opens a new tab at the top of your screen, so you can quickly move between tabs to perform tasks and never lose track of where you began.

Close the tabs at the top when you’re complete with that task and return to your Dashboard window. This reduces the time between addressing an interruption and getting back on task.


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Updates have been made to the Suspense display on the client main screen. Now you can filter and search within the suspenses!


JenesisClassic – Filtering Suspenses

Changes have been made to the suspense tab on the client main screen.

In the suspense tab on the client main screen, suspenses can be filtered to display All, Completed, or Incomplete using the Filter By Status dropdown box below the list. You may also search your filtered suspenses by a keyword by typing into the Filter Suspense Description search bar.

Now when you navigate into a client’s file, the incomplete suspenses are automatically displayed, but you may view them all and search through them when needed.

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