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Ebix - Insurance Software Providers
EbixExchange-North America is a provider of eCommerce technology solutions to the property and casualty sectors of the insurance industry. Ebix provides the seamless interface and integration for downloading carrier data to Jenesis for your policyholders utilizing the TEAM-UP™ family of products.

Insurance Software Providers
eSignature product designed exclusively for insurance agents. All of your e-signed documents can be signed the same way using the same simple method. Every e-signed document for every company will be stored in one place, automatically backed up, and retrievable from any place, at any time. It takes less than 3 minutes to learn to use Formstack. Integrated with Jenesis to create a seamless process.

Insurance Software Providers
IVANS helps carriers connect with agencies. The IVANS Download solution, using ACORD standards, is integrated with Jenesis, allowing you to download the most current data from participating carriers for your policyholders. IVANS Download makes your agent’s job easier while promoting improved customer service, at the agent level, for the policyholder.

Simply Easier Payments specializes in providing a way for you to accept credit card payments from your customers with no cost to your agency. And better yet, this service is integrated with Jenesis making it easy for you to accept credit card payments without the need to go to another site. It’s simple and easy.

WeSignature Payments
WeSignature Payments allows you to accept credit card payments from customers with no cost to your agency. It is also integrated with Jenesis making it easy for you to accept credit cards without the need to go to another site. If you’re interested in learning more, click here.

Solution Partners


Carolina Business Coach
Since 2002, Carolina Business Coach has helped over 1500 entrepreneurs, executives and companies achieve greater success through: ongoing leadership and sales development, hiring and motivating the right talent, team building, effective communication and strategic planning. Through individual and group coaching, clients experience greater productivity, stronger sales and most importantly–greater satisfaction in the work environment.

Charlotte Healthshare
Offering Healthcare for small business owners, their employees, families, individuals, self-employed and 1099 contractors. Savings are 30 to 50% compared to traditional health plans! Charlotte Healthshare has a referral program specifically for Jenesis users. Earning recurring income has never been easier.

GSG Capital, LLC is a leader in the equipment and software financing and leasing industry. We help businesses acquire the equipment and software that they need to succeed. For collectively over 30 years, the people behind GSG Capital, have maintained a reputation for responsiveness, flexibility and competitiveness. GSG Capital specializes in solidifying the relationship between equipment/software supplier, the end-user and the financing source. GSGS’s attention to detail results in a smooth, convenient transaction that meets the needs of all parties involved.

Insurance Software Providers
Rosemary Lambert, CPA provides P&C Agencies with custom accounting packages, special accounting services and works in tandem with users of the Jenesis Agency Management System.