How do I use WeSignature with JenesisClassic?

How to use WeSignature with JenesisClassic.


JenesisClassic – WeSignature

How to use WeSignature with JenesisClassic.

To begin, you need to make sure you’re in J-images within the client’s account. Either you can access them from the main screen or you can access them through your policy by clicking the Client Images button at the bottom.

After selecting the image (form, application, proposal, etc.) for which a signature is required, choose the WeSignature button located at the bottom of the J-images window. A window with the signer’s information will appear. Select submit.

After you click Submit, WeSignature will open. Once you’ve logged into WeSignature, you will see the attached document on the bottom left. Designate the signee and click continue.

The document requiring a signature will appear. Add the signature field anywhere a signature is required on the document. To do so, select the signature tab on the left. This will then display a signature box that you can drag where you need it. Following the placement of the signature boxes, you can select Update Document at the top next to the red arrow.

After the document has been updated, complete the box to the right with the recipient’s information and a message requesting their signature. You have the option to request both signature and payment. Select Send once all fields are completed.

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