How do I use the Policy Type Tool in JenesisClassic?


How to use the Policy Type Tool in JenesisClassic.

If you’re doing a conversion from JenesisClassic to JenesisNow, it’s important to note that your policy types match up prior to the final conversion.

You’re going to have personal lines and commercial lines (it’s going to look the same for both.)
Go into Personal Lines. It’s going to pull up a list of all the policy types that you have in your system. If it’s matched up already, you just want to verify that those are correct.
Then you are going to match up the ones that are not already matched.

If it’s blank or you aren’t sure about the name, you have to go in manually to fix those.

Select the Recommended Policy Type that each item in the Current Policy Type list matches with.
Once you’re finished, you’ll hit the Update and Close button.

The best way to figure out how to label those that are blank or interestingly named is by navigating into the Reports tab at the top and selecting Production. Pull up a production report by Policy Type, and then choose All under your date range, then click the View button. Notice there’s one that doesn’t have a policy type.
If any are displayed without a policy type, assign a policy type.

Now we look at the commercial lines, then match the policy type (Using the same method & process as displayed for personal lines).
If you find blanks or any that you can’t assign, view those policies by navigating into Reports (tab at the top) under Production and the Commercial Lines tab. Select “Production Report by Policy Type,” change the date range to All, and select View.

This report is the fastest way to identify policies missing a Line of Business title, displaying Do Not Use, and other names you couldn’t match to a Policy Type.

Navigate into the first policy missing the policy type. The trick is to look at the Policy Type displayed in the Policy General Section near the Policy Term dates; In the example, there are 11 items. Use the navigation arrows at the bottom of the screen to flip through the policy terms until you see the Policy Type display blank. Then you are going to add the correct policy type label – in this case, “Commercial Umbrella”. Keep clicking through the terms of each of the “blank” policies and fill them all in until you have no blank policy types remaining.

To double-check, go back to the report and match up the policy types.
Now that you know how to use the tool, you want to use it before we grab a copy of your data for the transition to JenesisNow.

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