How do I use Quote Control to convert potential clients to customers in JenesisClassic?

This video tutorial will teach you how to navigate and effectively use the Quote Control section to convert potential clients to customers in JenesisClassic.


JenesisClassic – Quote Control

Quote control is a method for tracking policies within your system. Quotes and policies are considered to be two different entities inside Jenesis, and should be tracked separately so you can easily pull up a quote or a policy for reference.

Tracking quotes can also help you leverage Jenesis’ built-in functions to generate leads automatically through an email campaign or analysis of one or more of the 36 available reports.

One of the best reports for tracking quotes is the Quote Versus Written Ration Per Producer.

From your Dashboard, notice the Pending Quotes section. You can set up filters using the drop-down arrows and headings to customize which quotes display within this card. Adjust by the user, date, and the type of quote.

The Total Premium value below the Quote card reflects the total premium per status.

Right-click within the Pending quote card, and notice an options menu appears where you can add new, filter, delete, and review, among other options.

When you begin working with a new lead, you want to make sure this person is not already in your system. You can use the “Find Stored Quotes” option from the right-clicked menu inside the quote card or you can hit Ctrl + Q to bring up the search box.

Type the new lead’s information into the boxes and if Jenesis finds a match, the names will be displayed under the Quote Control header. If that lead is in the system as a client, their name will appear under the Current Client List section.

Wherever you find their name, either use the existing quote to update their information and fill in gaps or use their current account to create a new quote that may potentially be added to the policy. Both of these options transfer existing client information to the new policy quote.

Complete as much information as possible, gathering all contact information, vehicle or housing information, and policy needs detail from your client. Notice the email and text buttons – if you have this information updated, this is great for communicating with your client moving forward.

Use the status field to tell Jenesis what stage of the quote you’re in with this client. Once all information is gathered, use the options in the Quote Menu at the top. Some options are imports and others are exports.

As you receive rate quotes from carriers, store them in the stored rates section. The best rate is automatically sorted to the top. Keep track of unique differences between policies in the notes section. Double click on the quote line to add additional information, such as the quote URL to the line.

To select the best quote and create a policy, highlight the desired line, click the Import Stored Rate button, and decide if you want payment information imported.

Now, the policy detail will populate on the right side of your Quote Control screen for that customer. Enter any fees your agency charges, and when you’re ready to turn this lead into a policy, click the Export to Jenesis button in the bottom left.

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