Business Data Backup

Be Prepared for the Worst.

The Cloud Business Data Backup solution from Jenesis Software is not just for the Jenesis data, it’s for everything on your network that’s important to you including critical data like accounting and other documents.

business data backup
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These days, cloud-based storage is essential. That’s where Jenesis comes into play. We help businesses backup to the cloud safely and securely in our own data center. We offer unlimited backup service for business, with continuous and automatic backups, without data caps or surcharges.

Any data that’s essential to keeping your business running should be backed up. That includes financial records, customer records, tax forms, sales records and any other information that’s critical to keeping your business working.

Monthly Pricing for Business Data Backup

Up to 20 Gigs $20
 Up to 30 Gigs $30
Up to 40 Gigs $40
Up to 50 Gigs $50
Up to 60 Gigs $60
60 + Contact Us

*One Time $50 Set Up Fee