How do I Manage and Track Sources in JenesisClassic?

Why should you require a source on every quote/policy? and How to set up source tracking.


JenesisClassic – Manage And Track Your Sources

Sources can be found in Quote Control, on the Client Main Screen, and inside your Policy View. Having a source for your clients is important because you can use this data from reports and use it toward marketing in the future.

To set up the sources that will be listed in the drop-down boxes, navigate to Utilities in the menu at the top of your screen, and select Customer Source List from the expanded menu.

Under the “Select Source to be Transferred or Deleted” window, you can see where all of your business is coming from and you have the option to Add, Delete, or Transfer these Source titles.

From within Agency Setup (also listed under Utilities from the menu across the top of the screen), select the preferences tab. Find the checkbox next to Require Source.

Checking this checkbox will require each of your users to note a source prior to exiting a policy or a quote.

From Quote Control, next to the Source drop-down menu, notice the small box with 3 dots. Clicking that box/button will also open the “Select Source to be Transferred or Deleted” window where you can Add sources.

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