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President & Founder / Programmer

Eddie Price –  Eddie graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1988 and began his career in the insurance industry as an agent for North Carolina Farm Bureau Insurance Company. In 1991, Eddie started Carolina Insurance, an independent insurance agency, from scratch. Later he went back to school to learn computer programming and with that new knowledge, created automation for his agency. By the late 90s, he began receiving inquiries from other agencies who had heard about his software. So, inadvertently, he began to sell the system to others. He named the product Jenesis, and the company Jenesis Software, after his then five-year-old daughter, Jenna.

Both businesses continued to grow over the years. In January 2018, Eddie made the difficult decision to sell his first baby, Carolina Insurance and focus only on Jenesis Software.

Over 27 years Eddie managed, acquired and sold several agencies. Looking back, he feels his richest source of knowledge and experience has come from his Jenesis relationships.  linkedin_icon

Vice President
Lisa Price –  Lisa enjoys a little bit of accounting, human resources, marketing, communications and working with Jenesis company partners. She graduated from Elon University with a BA in Mathematics and a minor in Computer Science. She has her ACE designation (ACORD Certified Expert). Lisa worked as a Product and Operations Manager on the insurance company side for 20 years. She joined the Jenesis team in 2008. Lisa obsesses over quality and neatness and likes everything to be just so, both at work and at home. Hey, what’s wrong with that?   linkedin_icon

Marketing & Sales Manager / Insurance Agent

Jenna Kleiber –  Jenna graduated from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte in May, 2015.  As a licensed North Carolina Property & Casualty Insurance agent, Jenna began working for Carolina Insurance in Forest City, NC. In September 2016, she moved to Jenesis as an Account Manager in Sales & Marketing. In her spare time, she loves to exercise, cook, travel, read, and learn about the business from her Dad, Eddie.  And, yes, Jenesis takes its name from Jenna, so of course, she is passionate about its success.  linkedin_icon
Implementation Manager
Lisa Gibson –  Lisa joined The Agency Advantage team in July 2015 as a software trainer and quickly demonstrated the ability to oversee many other areas of the company.  She now manages Implementation for The Agency Advantage and Jenesis, as well as the Technical Support Team.  Lisa has experience in project management, software training, technical support and has worked in the technology fields of finance, medical, and insurance. When away from work, Lisa volunteers with Operation Second Chance, also known as The Gwinnett Jaildog Program. This program rescues dogs, trains them, and offers them for adoption.  Learn more about this program at   Lisa is passionate about technology… and dogs:)
Product Development Manager
Derek Honeycutt – Derek started teaching himself to program at the age of 12. He has lots of experience in developing desktop, mobile, and website software in over 15 different programming languages. Programming is still one of his biggest passions! Derek started with Jenesis Software in January of 2018 splitting his time between providing technical support for our customers and programming on the newest web product, JenesisNow. His leadership ability, hard work, programming talent, and problem-solving abilities earned him the promotion to Product Development Manager in 2020. Derek manages development for the JenesisNow product and is heavily involved with the legacy product, JenesisClassic. Derek is an integral part of all things technical at Jenesis. He jumps at every opportunity to learn something new and to use new technology. In his spare time, Derek is an amateur no-limit hold’em card player, enjoys making music, spending time with his family and with his MANY pets.
IT and Customer Support Manager
Jason Cooley – Jason was born and raised in Michigan and has worked extensively in IT there. With his full spectrum of experience in IT and management, Jason joined the Jenesis and Agency Advantage team in 2022. (Who wouldn’t want to be a part of such an awesome support team?) Jason’s IT background ranges from hardware to network engineering and administration of networks and Windows servers. When Jason isn’t working he loves spending time with his family and dogs, going to estate sales and flea markets, and hunting down various collectibles and treasures.
Website Design / Digital Marketing
Phil Price – Phil is a website design and digital marketing specialist who works with small businesses to maximize sales and grow. He knows real success doesn’t come from mastering the marketing flavor of the week, but from creating real trust and connections. Phil has created innovative and award-winning work for literally hundreds of Fortune 1000 companies and their agencies and is a graduate of UNC Chapel Hill.  linkedin_icon
Account Manager / Insurance Agent
Christy Alaimo – Christy is a licensed Property & Casualty agent and who better to show you all the features of Jenesis than a licensed agent! Before coming to Jenesis, Christy spent over 20 years using JenesisClassic as an independent insurance agent. Christy wears two hats at Jenesis….. she is a part of our Sales Team and she also does software training from time to time. Her personal use of the Jenesis products helps her to offer solutions to our customers with a knowledge and understanding of their needs. Christy also loves spending time with her family and traveling.  linkedin_icon

Account Manager

Joe Gauger – Joe was born and raised in Kansas and so it comes as no surprise that Joe is a die-hard Kansas City Chiefs fan. He graduated from Pittsburg State University with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing in 2009. Joe’s insurance background includes Property & Casualty and Medicare Supplement sales, agent licensing and carrier appointments, and agent onboarding and training. Joe loves spending time in the mountains of Colorado and enjoys skiing and playing guitar.
Seth Lady - Digital Marketing Specialist
Digital Marketing Specialist
Seth Lady – Seth is a graduate of Tusculum University, holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, and was a member of the college baseball team. His post-college journey began as a marketing specialist at State Farm Insurance, where he honed his skills before venturing into entrepreneurship by establishing a successful direct mail business. Seth strategically incorporated digital advertising strategies into customer packages, achieving remarkable success. His expertise eventually led him to roles as the Digital Sales Manager at Nexstar Media Group, a prominent CBS affiliate TV station, and Cumulus Media Radio Station Group. He enjoys working with JenesisDigital because of his entrepreneurial spirit and the opportunity to take a division of the company to new heights!
Justyn Lyde
Digital Account Manager
Justyn Lyde – Justyn, a High Point University grad, brings over 12 years of marketing know-how to the table, including leading marketing teams. Known for his proactive stance on industry trends and steadfast focus on achieving results, he’s all about success for both himself and his clients. Originally from Durham, North Carolina, Justyn’s community contributions earned him recognition from the mayor for his extensive volunteer work and coaching in local sports leagues. A lifelong sports aficionado, Justyn’s passion for athleticism shines through in his pursuits like golf, fitness, and fishing, mirroring his love for the outdoors and active living.
Morgan Arnold - Digital Marketing Specialist
Digital Marketing Specialist
Morgan Arnold – Morgan is a graduate of Milligan University in Elizabethton, TN, where she was a member of the women’s basketball team. Her professional background began in property management with C & C Asset Company, where she cultivated a passion for assisting others. Transitioning from property management to digital marketing, Morgan honed her skills at Cumulus Media, helping businesses enhance lead generation and revenue growth. At Jenesis, she leverages her expertise to guide others on their digital marketing journey.
Senior Customer Support Specialist
Benny Kiser –  Benny is the local technical support expert. More than likely, you will talk to him if you call in for support. He is witty, charming, and armed with a lucrative knowledge of the workings of Jenesis. This network technician is happy to assist you. Benny has a Bachelors Degree in Information Systems and a Minor in Cyber Security.  His knowledge is great to know for our Jenesis customers. The education he has received blends excellently with his already superior technical know how.  This helps him deliver quality customer service to all our awesome agencies that use Jenesis.   linkedin_icon
Senior Customer Support Specialist
Adam Tessener –  Adam is a member of the Jenesis Tech Support Phone Team.  So when you call, he will likely be who you will meet. Adam was a licensed North Carolina Property & Casualty agent and has used Jenesis Software as an agent.  This gives him first-hand experience and from the same perspective as our Jenesis customers.  He also has extensive experience with hardware, software support and networking. Adam began tinkering with computers at the age of 7, and a few years later, he actually began working with Chuck Haynes, a former member of the Jenesis team. When not helping customers make the most of Jenesis, Adam can be found in the gym, traveling, or studying the latest computer hardware and software.   linkedin_icon
Senior Customer Support Specialist
Eric Villarreal –  Eric acquired an interest in computers over 20 years ago where he began repairing teacher’s computers between classes in high school. He went on to pursue this IT path joining a trade school and receiving his A+ along with several Microsoft certifications. Eric has worked at Agency Advantage for over 5 years as a support technician but also transitioned into a server administrator and more recently into software development. He was previously employed with Dell Software and ScriptLogic as a support representative. Aside from IT, Eric has delved into several professions that include being a music producer, photographer, video editor/content creator. Most of all, Eric enjoys spending time with his family.
Senior Customer Support Specialist
Andy Barefoot –  Andy is a veteran of the US Army with twenty years experience in the IT field. He is responsible for technical support of the legacy Agency Advantage product and working with customers to ensure they get the most use from their management system. His past experience includes software, hardware and network support for pathology laboratory management systems and accounting management systems. Andy holds A+, Net+, and Microsoft certifications. He is married with three sons and one very stubborn coonhound.

Customer Support Specialist

Darren Ridgeway –  Darren is the newest member of our Technical Support Team and we are so lucky to have him! A veteran of the US Navy, he has been working in IT since 1987 in a variety of roles including technical support, hardware support, product testing, and customer support. . He plans to pursue certifications in computer network security. When he is not working, he enjoys fishing, taking long walks with his wife, and spending time with his family.

Software Trainer / Insurance Agent

Gia Menchaca – Gia graduated from the State College of Florida with an Associate’s degree. She is a licensed AZ, TN, and AL Property and Casualty insurance agent and began her insurance career in 2003 with Geico. Gia has trained and coached many new hires and enjoys leading them to success. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, traveling, all things outdoors, and spending time with her family and 5 dogs. Gia believes in treating others the way she wishes to be treated, so she no doubt fits in well with the whole Jenesis team.
Terri Laurant-Reno

Software Trainer / Licensed Insurance Agent

Terri Laurant-Reno – Terri is an alumna of Xavier University of Louisiana, holding a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication. She is a licensed Property and Casualty, Life, and Health insurance agent in both Louisiana and Texas. Terri’s insurance career began at the ALLSTATE regional claims office in Louisiana. She transitioned from claims to agency sales/producer roles at State Farm, eventually moving into management and then to an independent agency. Her passion for the industry and helping others has led her to her current role as a Software Trainer. In her leisure time, she loves traveling with her husband, visiting their sons, and enjoying outdoor activities with their 160-pound furry companion.

Account Specialist

Laraine Mayfield – Laraine has worked with customer finance and accounts for over 40 years, which is why customers love her! You always want the best handling your money:) As we all know, finance is a part of every industry. Over the years, Laraine has worked with a clothing manufacturer, a CPA firm, a propane gas company, and others. Laraine joined The Agency Advantage in 2010 and is now a proud member of the Jenesis team! Laraine has so much “JOY” in her heart! Jesus (first and foremost), Others (her husband, 2 children, 6 grandchildren, and 2 fur babies), and You ( Laraine loves traveling, shopping, spending time with family and friends, and her peaceful home on the river in Alabama).

Account Associate

Kaylee Spangler – Kaylee graduated from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville with a bachelor’s in Psychology in May 2017. She has worked with clients in the form of one-on-one care and crisis stabilization for the past five years. Her background gives her a unique perspective on how to support and figure out solutions for clients. She has dabbled with computers and coding since she was 7 and loves learning how to build computers with her dad. She enjoys reading, sewing, playing video games, and spending time with her husband.

Senior JenesisNow Developer

Brian Parker – Brian fell in love with computers at age 9 and they’ve been part of his life ever since. After studying computer science and engineering, he became a customer software developer for a small office supply company before eventually finding his place at Jenesis. Brian likes to learn new skills and techniques to put to use in his programming projects, so JenesisNow is a perfect fit. Brian lives in Pennsylvania and enjoys the outdoors, camping, and the snow when he is not spending time with the Jenesis team.

JenesisNow Developer / Author Ordinaire

Tim Caviness –  Tim has been programming since he got his first computer (a Texas Instruments 99/4a) at the age of twelve. He received his BS in Computer Science from UNC Greensboro and has earned his ACE accreditation. But he’s not just a normal geek, he’s worn many hats: radio deejay, graphics modeler, event manager, voice-over artist, CFO, and entrepreneur. He’s also an award-winning author, editor, and publisher (as Ross Cavins), and is currently working on several books. Oh, and he’s leading the effort to bring Jenesis into the web world too. He drinks lots of coffee and rarely takes breaks.  linkedin_icon
William Galindo

JenesisNow Developer

William Galindo – William, a University of Texas at San Antonio alumnus with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, has found his calling as a JenesisNow Developer in San Diego, CA. A proud veteran, William’s path in computer science began shortly after his service in the US Marines, where he gained invaluable skills in teamwork and problem-solving. At Jenesis, his role involves collaborating with a dynamic team, contributing significantly to future enhancements of the JenesisNow software. Outside of work, William is a family-oriented man, often spotted playing soccer with his kids or exploring the virtual world of Roblox games with them.

JenesisClassic Developer

Nelson Francisco – Nelson has been developing for over 20 years with a background within the retail, pharmaceutical, education and healthcare industry. From New York to Chicago and now residing in Michigan, Nelson is currently pursuing Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Database Administration which will be completed by mid-2021. Nelson has been with Jenesis a little over 3 years (which he loves) and has gained extensive knowledge about the insurance business. During his downtime, he plays golf in the spring and summer and bowls in fall and winter.
Donald Duck

Customer QA Consultant

Donald Duck –  Donald Duck is our oldest employee here at Jenesis Software. He is an amazing 78 years old! Donald maintains an active lifestyle. Much of his longevity comes from his rigorous swimming exercise routine he performs at the local Isothermal Community College pond. Donald began his tenure here at Jenesis in the Testing Department.  He served as a test specimen during the early days of programming what later became the Jenesis Insurance Agency Management System.