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Insurance Agency System

Owner / Insurance Agent / Programmer

Eddie Price –  Eddie graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1988 and began his career in the insurance industry as an agent for North Carolina Farm Bureau Insurance Company. In 1991, Eddie started Carolina Insurance, an independent insurance agency, from scratch. Later he went back to school to learn computer programming and with that new knowledge, created automation for his agency. By the late 90s, he began receiving inquiries from other agencies who had heard about his software. So, inadvertently, he began to sell the system to others. He named the product Jenesis, and the company Jenesis Software, after his then five-year-old daughter, Jenna.

Both businesses continued to grow over the years. In January 2018, Eddie made the difficult decision to sell his first baby, Carolina Insurance and focus only on Jenesis Software.

Over 27 years Eddie managed, acquired and sold several agencies. Looking back, he feels his richest source of knowledge and experience has come from his Jenesis relationships.  linkedin_icon

Insurance Agency System

Vice President / Insurance Agent

Lisa Price –  Lisa enjoys a little bit of accounting, human resources, marketing, communications and working with Jenesis company partners. She graduated from Elon University with a BA in Mathematics and a minor in Computer Science. She has her ACE designation (ACORD Certified Expert) and is a Licensed Insurance Agent. Lisa worked as a Product and Operations Manager on the insurance company side for 20 years. She joined the Jenesis team in 2008. Lisa obsesses over quality and neatness and likes everything to be just so, both at work and at home. Hey, what’s wrong with that?   linkedin_icon

Jenna Price

Director of Marketing & Sales / Insurance Agent

Jenna Kleiber –  Jenna graduated from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte in May, 2015.  As a licensed North Carolina Property & Casualty Insurance agent, Jenna began working for Carolina Insurance in Forest City, NC. In September 2016, she moved to Jenesis as an Account Manager in Sales & Marketing. In her spare time, she loves to exercise, cook, travel, read, and learn about the business from her Dad, Eddie.  And, yes, Jenesis takes its name from Jenna, so of course, she is passionate about its success.  linkedin_icon

Scott Bradshaw

Customer Success Manager / Insurance Agent

Scott Bradshaw –  Scott is a graduate of East Carolina University with a degree in Business Administration. He has been a licensed North Carolina Property & Casualty agent since 2001 and started using Jenesis at that time. He quickly became the lead Jenesis trainer for the agency for all new hires…so he’s seen it grow quite a bit over the years! He spent some time away from the insurance world to follow another passion as a software engineer. He’s now able to combine his two career paths at Jenesis and offer a perspective that combines insurance knowledge with technical expertise. When not working, Scott stays very active exercising, traveling (mostly to Disney and the beach), coaching youth basketball, and spending time with his wife and kids.   linkedin_icon

Christy Alaimo

Account Manager / Insurance Agent

Christy Alaimo – Christy is a licensed Property & Casualty agent and who better to show you all the features of Jenesis than a licensed agent! Before coming to Jenesis, Christy spent over 20 years using JenesisClassic as an independent insurance agent. Christy wears two hats at Jenesis….. she is a part of our Sales Team and she also does software training from time to time. Her personal use of the Jenesis products helps her to offer solutions to our customers with a knowledge and understanding of their needs. Christy also loves spending time with her family and traveling.  linkedin_icon

Insurance Agency System

Senior Software Technician / Customer Support

Benny Kiser –  Benny is the local technical support expert. More than likely, you will talk to him if you call in for support. He is witty, charming, and armed with a lucrative knowledge of the workings of Jenesis. This network technician is happy to assist you. Benny has a Bachelors Degree in Information Systems and a Minor in Cyber Security.  His knowledge is great to know for our Jenesis customers. The education he has received blends excellently with his already superior technical know how.  This helps him deliver quality customer service to all our awesome agencies that use Jenesis.   linkedin_icon

Adam Tessener

Software Technician / Customer Support

Adam Tessener –  Adam is a member of the Jenesis Tech Support Phone Team.  So when you call, he will likely be who you will meet. Adam is a licensed North Carolina Property & Casualty agent and has used Jenesis Software as an agent.  This gives him first-hand experience and from the same perspective as our Jenesis customers.  He also has extensive experience with hardware, software support and networking. Adam began tinkering with computers at the age of 7, and a few years later, he actually began working with Chuck Haynes, a former member of the Jenesis team. When not helping customers make the most of Jenesis, Adam can be found in the gym, traveling, or studying the latest computer hardware and software.   linkedin_icon

Brad Hayes

Software Technician / Customer Support

Brad Hayes – Brad is the newest member of the Jenesis Tech Support Team. His friendly and outgoing personality is an asset when it comes to speaking to customers, learning about their wants and needs, and helping to provide them with ongoing support for Jenesis. He developed an interest in computers in high school and has since continued learning as much as he can during the years since. When he isn’t working, Brad enjoys spending time with his wife and pets, supporting the Carolina Panthers, learning new things and spending time with family and friends.

Insurance Agency System

JenesisNow Developer / Author Ordinaire

Tim Caviness –  Tim has been programming since he got his first computer (a Texas Instruments 99/4a) at the age of twelve. He received his BS in Computer Science from UNC Greensboro and has earned his ACE accreditation. But he’s not just a normal geek, he’s worn many hats: radio deejay, graphics modeler, event manager, voice over artist, CFO, and entrepreneur. He’s also an award-winning author, editor, and publisher (as Ross Cavins), and is currently working on several books. Oh, and he’s leading the effort to bring Jenesis into the web world too. He drinks lots of coffee and rarely takes breaks.  linkedin_icon

Derek Honeycutt

JenesisNow Developer

Derek Honeycutt – Derek has been providing technical support and customer service for over 10 years and his main priority is to make every customer experience amazing and unique. Derek starting teaching himself to program at the age of 12 and programming is still one of his biggest passions! In addition to doing answering calls at Jenesis, Derek has big plans to start doing a bit of Jenesis programming on the newest web product, JenesisNow. He has tons of experience in developing desktop, mobile and website software in over 15 different programming languages. Derek jumps at every opportunity to learn something new and to use new technology. In his spare time he enjoys making music, doing graphic design and spending time with his MANY pets.

Insurance Agency System

JenesisClassic Developer

Kelvin Brown – Kelvin was born in Staunton, VA.  He spent many years living and working in Los Angeles.  Kelvin designed software applications for some of the larger financial and insurance institutions in the area. He also lived in a small village in Thailand for three years which has given him a profound appreciation for reliable electricity, indoor plumbing, and toilet paper. His downtime is usually spent walking, working out at the gym, or watching classic movies on TMC.   linkedin_icon

Phil Price

Website Design / Digital Marketing

Phil Price – Phil is a website design and digital marketing specialist who works with small businesses to maximize sales and grow. He knows real success doesn’t come from mastering the marketing flavor of the week, but from creating real trust and connections. Phil has created innovative and award winning work for literally hundreds of Fortune 1000 companies and their agencies and is a graduate of UNC Chapel Hill.  linkedin_icon

Larry McCloskey

JenesisClassic Developer

Larry McCloskey – Larry started out in Information Technology, which was called Electronic Data Processing (EDP) at that time. His first job was simple. He was the kid who took the carbon out of the giant Green Bar reports. Eventually, Larry worked his way up through the ranks as a computer operator, programmer, systems analyst, and finally as an IT Manager. After forty years in IT, Larry decided to retire to Florida. The problem was he didn’t like golf. So, he decided to rejoin the workforce as a consultant concentrating on development using the Microsoft Access platform. In October 2016, Larry landed a gig with Eddie Price at Jenesis and has been there ever since.

Nelson Francisco

JenesisClassic Developer

Nelson Francisco – Nelson has been developing for over 20 years with a background within the retail, pharmaceutical, education and healthcare industry. From New York to Chicago and now residing in Michigan, Nelson is currently pursuing Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Database Administration which will be completed by mid-2021. Nelson has been with Jenesis a little over 3 years (which he loves) and has gained extensive knowledge about the insurance business. During his downtime, he plays golf in the spring and summer and bowls in fall and winter.

Joshua Moody

JenesisNow Developer

Joshua Moody – Joshua is pursuing his bachelor’s degree in Software Development in hopes to provide for his now growing family. He is enjoying learning about the software development process while interning at Jenesis and hopes to further grow as an asset to the company. Joshua enjoys spending time with the Lord, his wife, his two dogs, and close family. He is very excited about the upcoming arrival of his son, Ellison. He also loves walking in nature, watching the wildlife around his property, and traveling with family when he can.

Kate Stafford

Happiness Coordinator

Kate Stafford – Kate has the very important task of making sure new Jenesis customers, users who pass our Jenesis Certification, and users who have made special contributions to software improvement receive special packages. She is a full-time student at Western Alamance High School in Elon, NC, a big NC State fan, and a competitive swimmer who swims two hours each morning before school, while most of us are still sleeping. Kate loves her job and especially likes hearing from customers after they receive her packages; especially agents wearing the Jenesis t-shirts she sends!

Insurance Agency System

Customer QA Consultant

Donald Duck –  Donald Duck is our oldest employee here at Jenesis Software. He is an amazing 78 years old! Donald maintains an active lifestyle. Much of his longevity comes from his rigorous swimming exercise routine he performs at the local Isothermal Community College pond. Donald began his tenure here at Jenesis in the Testing Department.  He served as a test specimen during the early days of programming what later became Jenesis Agency Management System.