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About Us

Insurance Agency System

Owner / Insurance Agent / Programmer

Eddie Price –  Eddie is thankful for his co-workers and customers. He is a UNC-Chapel Hill grad and has his ACE designation (ACORD Certified Expert). The boss enjoys programming, working with Jenesis agents, flying, iPhone apps, and fitness. Eddie has been in the insurance business as an agent for 25 years. He understands the needs of agents, and his sole purpose for forming Jenesis is to help agencies run better and easier at a reasonable price.  linkedin_icon Schedule a Meeting

Insurance Agency System

Vice President / Traffic Coordinator

Lisa Price –  Lisa enjoys a little bit of accounting, human resources, marketing, communications and working with Jenesis company partners. She graduated from Elon University with a BA in Mathematics and a minor in Computer Science. She has her ACE designation (ACORD Certified Expert) and is a Licensed Insurance Agent. Lisa worked as a Product and Operations Manager on the insurance company side for 20 years. She joined the Jenesis team in 2008. Lisa obsesses over quality and neatness and likes everything to be just so, both at work and at home. Hey, what’s wrong with that?   linkedin_icon

Jenna Price

Account Manager

Jenna Price –  Jenna graduated from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte in May, 2015.  As a licensed North Carolina Property & Casualty Insurance agent, Jenna began working for Carolina Insurance in Forest City, NC. In September 2016, she moved to Jenesis as an Account Manager in Sales & Marketing. In her spare time, she loves to exercise, cook, travel, read, and learn about the business from her Dad, Eddie.  And, yes, Jenesis takes its name from Jenna, so of course,she is passionate about its success.  linkedin_icon

Insurance Agency System

Senior Software Technician / Customer Support

Benny Kiser –  Benny is the local technical support expert. More than likely, you will talk to him if you call in for support. He is witty, charming, and armed with a lucrative knowledge of the workings of Jenesis. This network technician is happy to assist you. Benny has a Bachelors Degree in Information Systems and a Minor in Cyber Security.  His knowledge is great to know for our Jenesis customers. The education he has received blends excellently with his already superior technical know how.  This helps him deliver quality customer service to all our awesome agencies that use Jenesis.   linkedin_icon

Insurance Agency System

Software Technician / Customer Support

Adam Tessener –  Adam is a member of the Jenesis Tech Support Phone Team.  So when you call, he will likely be who you will meet. Adam is a licensed North Carolina Property & Casualty agent and has used Jenesis Software as an agent.  This gives him first-hand experience and from the same perspective as our Jenesis customers.  He also has extensive experience with hardware, software support and networking. Adam began tinkering with computers at the age of 7, and a few years later, he actually began working with Chuck Haynes, a former member of the Jenesis team. When not helping customers make the most of Jenesis, Adam can be found in the gym, traveling, or studying the latest computer hardware and software.   linkedin_icon

Insurance Agency System

Software Technician / Customer Support

Derek Honeycutt – Derek has been providing technical support and customer service for over 10 years and his main priority is to make every customer experience amazing and unique. Derek starting teaching himself to program at the age of 12 and programming is still one of his biggest passions!  In addition to doing answering calls at Jenesis, Derek has big plans to start doing a bit of Jenesis programming on the newest web product, JenesisNow. He has tons of experience in developing desktop, mobile and website software in over 15 different programming languages. Derek jumps at every opportunity to learn something new and to use new technology. In his spare time he enjoys making music, doing graphic design and spending time with his MANY pets

Small Insurance Agency System

Implementation Specialist

Amy Presley –  Amy is a Licensed Property and Casualty Insurance Agent as well as a Certified Insurance Service Representative. She has worked in an Independent Insurance Agency for 16 years. Amy has taken a total “paper” Agency to “paperless” working with three different Agency Management Systems. She focuses on training the Agent on how to use Jenesis; concentrating on making the workflow fun and easy… from start to finish. Having worked in a Agency, she understands the frustration of learning a new Agency Management System and focuses on making learning fun, as well as productive for the Agency. Amy’s insight on having “been there and done that” makes it easy for her to relate to all her clients. Amy moved to North Carolina in 1988 from the “Wild and Wonderful” state of WV. However, she loves and considers NC her forever home.   linkedin_icon

Insurance Agency System

Web Developer / Author Ordinaire

Tim Caviness –  Tim has been programming since he got his first computer (a Texas Instruments 99/4a) at the age of twelve. He received his BS in Computer Science from UNC Greensboro and has earned his ACE accreditation. But he’s not just a normal geek, he’s worn many hats: radio deejay, graphics modeler, event manager, voice over artist, CFO, and entrepreneur. He’s also an award-winning author, editor, and publisher (as Ross Cavins), and is currently working on several books. Oh, and he’s leading the effort to bring Jenesis into the web world too. He drinks lots of coffee and rarely takes breaks.  linkedin_icon

Insurance Agency System

Software Engineer / Developer

Kelvin Brown – Kelvin was born in Staunton, VA.  He spent many years living and working in Los Angeles.  Kelvin designed software applications for some of the larger financial and insurance institutions in the area. He also lived in a small village in Thailand for three years which has given him a profound appreciation for reliable electricity, indoor plumbing, and toilet paper. His downtime is usually spent walking, working out at the gym, or watching classic movies on TMC.   linkedin_icon

Insurance Agency System

Website Design and Digital Marketing

Phil Price – Phil is a website design and digital marketing specialist who works with small businesses to maximize sales and grow. He knows real success doesn’t come from mastering the marketing flavor of the week, but from creating real trust and connections. Phil has created innovative and award winning work for literally hundreds of Fortune 1000 companies and their agencies and is a graduate of UNC Chapel Hill. linkedin_icon

Insurance Agency System

Customer QA Consultant

Donald Duck –  Donald Duck is our oldest employee here at Jenesis Software. He is an amazing 78 years old! Donald maintains an active lifestyle. Much of his longevity comes from his rigorous swimming exercise routine he performs at the local Isothermal Community College pond. Donald began his tenure here at Jenesis in the Testing Department.  He served as a test specimen during the early days of programming what later became Jenesis Agency Management System.


Our Story

Way back in 1991, Eddie Price, an entrepreneur by nature, started his own insurance agency.  Carolina Insurance, was founded in the small town of Forest City, NC. As the agency grew, Eddie realized that he would need to move from the world of paper to the world of technology. This would allow him to continue to grow as an agency and service his customers.  The agency needed an agency management system so he built one. He decided what he wanted in a system and off he went.  Eddie began exploring other agency management systems.

Time for School

It was not long before he came to the conclusion that they were expensive.  And he was not finding exactly what he wanted in a system. So, he took programming courses and began to develop his own. Eddie was an insurance agent by day, a programmer by night. The team began using his system in his agency and named it Jenesis, after his daughter, Jenna.

It was not long before some of his agent buddies expressed an interest in the system. So, Eddie loaded his truck with a full size PC, a 17-inch monitor and 12 floppy disks, and headed out to demo his product. And, as luck would have it, he sold his first system! Then, another!  Before he knew it, a new business had formed.

Jenesis is Born

Jenesis Software was incorporated in 1999, and it now is fortunate to have agencies using the system throughout the US. Jenesis is still based in Forest City, NC. Eddie also still owns his agency, Carolina Insurance, which is operated out of the same building as Jenesis Software. The same care and commitment Eddie has always shown for agency customers is shared by the entire Jenesis team. There is nothing more important than providing personal service and a quality product! Because it’s built by an insurance agent, Jenesis has an incredible foundation that has only gotten better over time. Our software is our pride and our customers are our passion!


You can go right to our job options by clicking the link.  But If you want to know more about life at Jenesis read on. . . . Go straight to our current job openings.

Building on a new way of thinking and working

We obsess over quality. Our team provides the best personal service possible to all of our clients. No job should be without challenge. At Jenesis, expect to work with a team and independently. We are small, which means you will support each of us.  Our team pulls together even when tasks fall outside of your day-to-day responsibilities. While some of us work in our home office in Forest City,  others work from home.

Hours of Operation

Our published hours are 8:45 am to 5:15 pm EST, Monday through Friday, but this does not mean that we don’t occasionally go the extra mile and work extra hours. Jenesis doesn’t have a standard time-away policy. We have found that we don’t need it. You will find that people rarely call in sick, and you will be able to take time away as needed.


Our team is a very diverse group, as you can see from our bios. If you have the right stuff on paper, you will interview with each member of our team, as,  It’s very important to us that we have the right fit for our team. We want to know that you will work hard, but have fun. You will spend a lot of time with us.  We look forward to Jenesis family outings during the summer on the lake and in the winter on the ski slopes (or in the lodge, for those of us that don’t ski). You may even do the occasional 5k with us.

As a Jenesis team member, you will help us grow Jenesis and will not use economy as an excuse for not growing. You, like the rest of us, will play a part in growing Jenesis. It’s about referrals – you will provide excellent service and an awesome product. So now, if you like what you see, you may go to our current job openings to apply.