How does the JenesisClassic Client Portal work?


Welcome to the tour of the Jenesis Client Portal!

Accessible by clients at with assigned credentials.

Upon sign-in, they’ll be automatically directed to the dashboard.

The menu on the left allows them to access their account information, your agency contact information, and an option to exit and log out.

The tab options include Information, Policies, Payment History, ID Card(s), and Certificate of Insurance.

The Information tab displays first and second insured information, including email addresses and phone numbers.

From the Policies tab, your insured can see any policies they have with your agency. The default view includes active policies, but the client can use the sort and filter options at the top and the Status indicator at the bottom to view any past or present policies they’ve had with your agency.

They can also navigate into a policy to view details, rates, renewal dates, and their payment history.

On the right, notice a Make a Payment button and a Make a Claim button. Inside Jenesis, you can create links and connect these buttons to the correct web pages, based on the client’s insurance carrier, so that the client has easy access to conduct business.

From the Payment History tab, the client can view their payment history, as reflected by the receipting feature in Jenesis. To display accurate payment history in this portal for your client, ensure the receipt records are up to date in Jenesis. Notice the purple button on the right, where the client can View or Print a receipt for their recent payments.

The ID Card tab allows your customers to generate an ID card for their vehicle policies by selecting the policy and vehicle for which they want an ID card. They’ll be presented the option to view (in a new tab) or email the ID cards.

The Certificate of Insurance tab is where a customer can pull their certificate of insurance. This tab pulls from certificates that have already been generated in Jenesis for this customer’s policies. By choosing the certificate holder, they can opt to view or email the certificate, same as the ID cards.

You customers also have the option to add a new certificate holder from within the Certificate of Insurance tab, which will also reflect in the certificate holder section in Jenesis.

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