How do I Manage Claims in JenesisClassic

Managing claims is easy in JenesisClassic and this video shows you how.


JenesisClassic – Managing Claims

On the client main screen, notice the Claims tab in the center, below the Comments box.

When you select this tab, any existing claims should be displayed. There are two buttons below this box to Add Claim (create a new claim) or Delete Claim (use caution, please). You can double click any lines displayed to dive into the claim and review details.

When you click into a claim, a Claim Information window opens. In this window, you’ll notice spaces for all loss detail, dates, the location/address the loss occurred, claim number, and description.

To submit this claim and create a loss notice for the customer or carrier, select the Save & Continue to Loss Notice button. In the example, we’re processing an auto loss notice, so we select Yes to this confirmation question.

The Automobile Loss Notice Acord Form is created with the detail prefilled. However, you are able to continue edits and provide more detail directly onto the form from this window.

Use the Save to Images or Print button to provide the form to the company or customer via email, mail, or print.

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