How do I re-shop a policy that’s up for renewal?

Have any of your clients come up for renewal? Wouldn’t you love to know a simple way to re-shop their policy for a smooth insurance policy renewal?


Re-shopping Renewals

Beginning at the Jenesis Main Screen, select Reports from the top menu. Then select the type (auto, life, health, commercial) of renewals you’d like to review.

This will display policies pending renewal, in addition to their old and new effective date, old and new premium, and premium change. This is all displayed in the Renewal Policy Review window.

This window will allow you to view this category of policies with upcoming renewal dates, per customer.

In the first example, a standard increase of $100 for the year seems reasonable. In this case, in the Re-Quoted box, I select “No – Standard” to signify that I’m not going to requote this policy and that the increased cost is standard for the industry.

Move to the next client by clicking on the small, grey, right arrow at the bottom of this Renewal Policy Review window.

The next client has a significant premium increase and it would be best practice to re-shop this policy.

To begin the re-shopping process, click on the Go To Client button to enter into the policy. Select Close on the current Renewal Policy Review window.

Within the Client Main Screen, select the policy you want to re-shop. Select the Quote Control button at the bottom of the screen from within the Policy view. The Quote Control window will pop up, where each quote previously provided is shown. Select the New Quote button.

A Jenesis support box will pop up questioning if you want to import the information from the open insurance policy into Quote Control. In this example, I do want to import the client’s payment information, so I select Yes.

Select Close in the Quote Control box to view the new quote screen. Notice all current policy information has been imported. Select the correct coverages and re-rate. From this screen, you can communicate with the client via email or text once you have new rate information.

When the client calls back and agrees to re-write coverage and move to the new, cheaper policy, handle this the same as you would write new coverage.

Select the Export to Jenesis button in the bottom right corner, enter the new policy number and premium.

If you re-quote the coverage and are unable to find a better price, note this in the “Reason not Written” drop-down box as shown. Select Close to return to the Client Main Screen.

Ctrl+M will return you to the Jenesis Main Screen

Select the Reports tab at the top and from the submenu, select the type of policy you’re working with. Then select Renew. In this example, we use an Auto policy.

A Renewal Policy Review window appears. Select Re-Quoted and the correct option as to what occurred during the re-shopping process.

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