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Technology Integrations

Integration Partners

We believe in the power of partnership. That’s why we work closely with our integration partners to provide you with a seamless experience.

Brovada Acutris Canada

Brovada Acturis Canada helps to connect the broker with the insurer by offering real-time downloads to the agency. BrovadaOne works with a multitude of carriers to help improve efficiency and accuracy in your day.

DocuSign Logo

DocuSign eSignature is the #1 way to send and sign documents. Agree with confidence, with intuitive signing experiences across virtually any device.


Ebix provides the seamless interface and integration for downloading carrier data to Jenesis for policyholders utilizing the TEAM-UP™ family of products.

formstack sign

All of your e-signed documents can be signed the same way using the same simple method. Every e-signed document for every company will be stored in one place, automatically backed up, and retrievable from any place, at any time.


Imperial PFS provides short-term loans for businesses and individuals to obtain property and casualty insurance coverage, thus freeing up capital and allowing them to obtain appropriate insurance coverage.


The IVANS Download solution, using ACORD standards, is integrated with Jenesis, allowing you to download the most current data from participating carriers for your policyholders.

Lightspeed Fully Featured Phone and Communications Platform

Lightspeed Connect is for progressive owners and managers looking to enhance their client experience and elevate their business’s performance. A customized, easy-to-use and fully supported communications platform.

RingCentral is an all-in-one phone system complete with phone, SMS, faxing, messaging, and video meetings. RingCentral partners with Jenesis by automatically pulling up the client profile in your agency management system when that client calls in.

Accept credit card payments from your customers with no cost to your agency. And better yet, this service is integrated with Jenesis so you are able to accept credit card payments without the need to go to another site. It’s simple and easy.

Simply Easier Acord Forms

Your all-in-one Acord Form library complete with all the Acords your agency needs. It is accessible from anywhere, on any device, and allows the ability to edit, save, print, email forms, and more. The Acord library can be found right inside of your Jenesis Agency Management System making the generation of Acords as seamless as possible.

USiP Communications

USiP Communications was founded in 2012 by a spinoff group of employees from the telecom company Bandwidth.com. The company was founded to get back to the core values of bundled internet, voice, and support services for the small and midsized business market. We offer 24/7 support because we care about your success.

WeSignature Payments allows you to accept credit card payments from customers with no cost to your agency. It’s integrated with Jenesis making it easy for you to accept credit cards without the need to go to another site. It can also email or text signature requests, add videos, create templates and help manage your team.


TurboRater is a comparative rater designed to help you quote multiple carriers at one time to receive a fast and accurate quote. TurboRater and JenesisNow integrate together to help you serve your clients quickly and efficiently.