How do I Delete or Restore Images in JenesisClassic?

How to delete and recover images in JenesisClassic.

JenesisClassic Deleting or Restoring Images

To begin, pick a client’s name to access that person’s profile. In the client profile, at the bottom of the page, look for the tab titled Client Images, and click it. Then, a new screen will open. To remove an image, select the image with a single click and then push the Delete button. Next, click Yes when prompted to confirm your action. Soon after, you’ll see the image is no longer there.

If you need to recover an image after deleting it, you’ll see a checkbox called Show Deleted Only above the Delete tab. Deleted images can be viewed by checking the box. View an image by double-clicking it, and you can recover by selecting Undelete at the bottom. This will make it appear with the other files and disappear from the deleted section.

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