How do I store Rates in Quote Control in JenesisClassic?

JenesisClassic allows for the convenience of storing several rate quotes in Quote Control.


JenesisClassic – Storing Rates in Quote Control

How to store rates in your customer’s quotes. The example in this video is using a homeowner’s policy, however, the same can be done with auto and other policy types.

Beginning inside the quote, select the Stored Rates button at the bottom. This is where you’ll record the rates you’re collecting from carriers as you’re preparing the quote for your customer. Your best quote is automatically stored at the top as your first/best option.

Use the add button to add a line item to the stored rates. Use the edit button to edit a line item. The Company Quote Options button will show the carriers we write with and through whom we might provide a quote. The Bridge to Company button will allow you to link to the carrier’s web address.

Entering the most accurate rates and detail in the stored rates section will allow you to use the “Import Stored Rate” button on the client quote screen once they’ve decided to accept the quote and convert it to a policy. This imports payment and premium information for your client, so you don’t have to remember to enter it at a later time.

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