How do I create Blog Posts?

Creating WordPress Blog Posts is super easy and simple.  It allows you to add media, configure fonts, text colors and a variety of other options. Check out this quick video to see ways to create simple text blogs. View Video Here

How do I Configure my Blog Page?

Blogging is a great way to increase SEO value and add content to your website that is useful to your clients. Step 1 is to configure your blog page the way you want it. Here is a little tutorial on how to do that. View Video Here

How do I get Google Reviews?

The first step is to promote, promote, promote!  If you don’t remind people they won’t do it unless they have a bad experience.  So as a part of your branding efforts , you as a business owner need to do everything you can to encourage your clients to...

Why do I need Google Reviews?

There are alot of reasons that you should work towards getting Google Reviews Google can be a social tool to help you promote your Business. It also contributes to SEO if you have a Website, and ultimately your page ranking. Google is the first landing spot if anyone...

How do I add my Business to Google Places?

85% of consumers use the internet to search local businesses.  That makes it even more crucial to have a presence there. Adding your Business to Google My Business is a key step to making sure your clients can find your when they need to. Check out this video for more...