What is Linking Companies within JenesisNow?

Linking Companies within JenesisNow

JenesisNow- Linking Companies

This video will show how to add a website link to a company profile within JenesisNow. Go to the left-vertical toolbar, click on Companies, then All Companies if wanting to add to an existing company, or click New Company if creating a new company. In the Companies screen, select the company desired to create a website link, taking you to the Editing Company screen.

Pull up the website desired to link with JenesisNow in a separate window, and copy the web address from the web bar. After copying this web address, go back to the Editing Company page in JenesisNow and locate the Website field in the Company Info Card. In the Website field, paste the website address just copied. Then once you click outside of this field, a green Save Company button will appear in the upper right corner of the screen; click this to save and update the company information.

Click the refresh button next to the web address, then notice an icon next to the Website field, and if you click on this icon, it will take you directly to the website address entered.

On the Editing Company screen, inside the Company Info card, you can also add website links for Agencies, Brokers, Premium Finance, Vendors, and others using the same process.

This website can also be used inside the policy view as well. This can be done by clicking on the blank company field, selecting the company desired, and then the icon for the website link will appear to the left of the company. This is the same process if previously set up a website link for the Finance Company, Agencies, Brokers, Vendors, or any others previously set up.

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