How do I get Google Reviews?

The first step is to promote, promote, promote!  If you don’t remind people they won’t do it unless they have a bad experience.  So as a part of your branding efforts , you as a business owner need to do everything you can to encourage your clients to share their stories.

You probably want to start with getting a short code for Google Reviews.  You can use any one that you like.  There are plenty out there, but I have found success here

You will need your Google Map Address Link

Once you have the short code you can use it in a variety of places.  Let me offer some suggestions.

  1. Facebook – Post regularly on your business Facebook page and ask people to give your business a review.  Include your shortcode URL so that people can easily link.
  2. Add your shortcode to your Email Signature.  We all send a variety of emails each day and what better place to promote  your reviews.
  3. Simply ask your customers.  If someone has a great experience with you, just ask them to go to Google and give your business a review.

You can also do several things inside Jenesis to help promote your reviews

  1. Add your shortcode to your email signature in User Setup
  2. Add your shortcode to your receipt message
  3. Add your shortcode to memos and system letters

Be creative.  Google loves organic personal information about a business.  The more you can have the more you increase your chances for a higher ranking in Google searches.



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