What is Imperial Finance PFS Integration within JenesisNow ?

Imperial Finance PFS Integration within JenesisNow

JenesisNow- Imperial Finance PFS Integration

This video will show how to integrate Imperial Premium Finance with JenesisNow. The Imperial Premium Finance website is at ipfs.com, where an account must be set up. Once an account is set up through Imperial Premium Finance, you can integrate it with JenesisNow.

In JenesisNow, go to your Profile, then in the user profile, click on the Credentials Tab at the top, and then click the plus sign (+) on the Credentials card to add a new credential. In the pop-up Credential window, click in the Type field, select IPFS, then enter your Username, and then in Password, enter your Agency Key given by Imperial Premium Finance. Enter the location you would like this to apply to, but if you leave it blank, it will automatically apply to all locations; then click the green Save button in the bottom right corner, and doing this has automatically set up IPFS integration.

To see what this looks like, go to a client’s policy, and you would fill in all the information as normal for the policy. After filling in the policy, go to the Actions card and click on the Imperial PFS button, bringing up an Imperial Premium Finance pop-up window. In this window, select which policies are desired and click the blue Submit button, which will direct you to the IPFS website.

On the IPFS website, there will be warning signs, but don’t worry; these are here to have you verify all the information is correct. Click on the places where the warning signs, Validation Required, and fill in the needed information while also checking to ensure everything is correct in all fields. Once completed at the bottom, you will get a green check mark next to the statement, “Your data has been validated. Please click continue.” Click the blue Continue button, which will take you to where you continue to finance your client’s premium.

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