Text Messaging for Insurance Agents 4 Tips - photo by pexels-andrea-piacquadio-3974775

When you think of text messaging, you probably picture texts between friends and family. But text messages don’t only play a role in communication between loved ones; it is one of the main communication channels between businesses and customers.

The insurance industry is fast adapting to text messaging to stay in contact with customers. To introduce text messages as part of your agency’s marketing reach, you must know how and when to use this technology.

Understanding Compliance and Consent

First, you must know the laws and regulations governing text messaging. Your agency must adhere to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, a primary telemarketing law passed in 1991. This law now includes measures against unsolicited text messages and calls. Your agency must also comply with the CAN-SPAM Act and the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association guidelines.

These regulations mean you must get consent before sending clients text message marketing. The same applies to text messages about existing policies and claims. Save the documentation in each client file so you can refer to it should you get audited.

Crafting Effective Messages

Sending text messages to customers does not mean hastily slapping words together and sending them to thousands of numbers hoping to get new leads. Every message you send must have a clear message and objective. And they must include a CTA (call-to-action). If you want to sign up new customers, tailor a suitable CTA. If you want to inform existing customers of overall policy changes, create a CTA that suits the message.

Also, when you’ve gathered the permissions to send text communication, first segment your contact list. You set up several lists based on demographics, existing business, and future needs. When you’re ready to send text messages, kick off each messaging campaign with an attention-grabbing headline. Something like ‘available today only’ or ‘upgrade before midnight’ usually works well.

Keep your messages within the 160-character limit and highlight the value of acting on the CTA. Leave the jargon for the policy documents and only use friendly, understandable terms.

Messages to prospects can include offers for free quotes or a free event promotion. For existing customers, you can craft time-sensitive discounts for upgrades or cross-sells. You can also use text messages to send renewal reminders, claim updates, and birthday messages.

Text messaging is all about personalization. Use first names where possible and include existing information about policies and engagement.

Leveraging Automation

You do not have to send text messages to thousands of people manually. Don’t even attempt it, because it will take forever. Use an automation tool to get those messages out as fast as possible.

Typically, insurance agency management systems include an SMS feature. For instance, the JenesisNow system has an integrated SMS option that you can use to send appointment reminders and information about policy renewals and claims updates.

With JenesisNow, you can save the SMS communications in a centralized client folder (for each client). The system provides one platform where your agents can access all the client data they need, including SMS messages.

Measuring Success

Measuring the success of your text message campaigns is as crucial as getting permission to send messages in the first place. With a proper tracking tool, you can track the open rates and response rates of all text messages you send. You can even use it to measure customer satisfaction.

If you continuously monitor these metrics, you will get the feedback you need to adjust your strategies for optimal success. Making changes according to feedback is the only way to implement data-based decisions. And doing that will make your customers feel heard and appreciated, which is excellent for your customer satisfaction rate.

Using the Power of Texting in Your Agency

In 2024, you cannot ignore the power of text messaging in your insurance agency. Your insurance agents will no longer despair at unopened emails because text messages have a 98% open rate. Texts are essentially a direct line to customers and prospects because people would read a text before they open an email. Plus, people always have their phones with them, because they can use them for anything from communicating to banking to working.

Moreover, adding a text-to-quote option to your text messages encourages customers to ask for quotes without nagging them. It is a low-friction way to get more potential leads and sales because it is a more personalized approach to insurance sales.

Text messaging can speed up the claims process, keeping your customers happy. It is also an affordable marketing option. You can integrate text messaging platforms with CRM systems, including JenesisNow, which means you will never miss a message or lose any communication with a customer.

Always add an opt-in and opt-out option to your messages, keep them short and to the point, and always offer value. Doing this will help you strengthen existing customer relationships, draw more clients, and drive success in your agency.