How do I set up Text Messaging and Emailing in Jenesis

Jenesis lets you text message and email customers directly from their profile.  But you need to do a few key things first to make sure it works.

Step 1:  Utilities and User Setup (Ctrl-U) – Once you access User Setup choose the profile you wish to configure for this feature.

Step 2:  Find the Email Configuration Section

Step 3:  Enter the Email address, the username and the password

Step 4:  Agency Setup (Ctrl-A) –  Find the Preferences tab

Step 5:  Fill in the SMTP section (this is the outgoing mail settings for your Internet Provider,It can be located with a simple Google search for outgoing mail servers or by calling your provider)

Step 6:  Make sure the SSL section is blank


Once you complete these steps you should be able to email and text message from Jenesis.

If you need video help, we have you covered.

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