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The days of loopy, handwritten signatures are long gone. With people conducting business with customers worldwide, a better solution was needed. And so, back in the late 80s, the concept of a digital signature scheme saw the light. By the 20th century, electronic signatures were legal with the ESIGN Act passed by former president Bill Clinton.

Electronic signatures evolved from signing a document with an autopen to computerized documents. Most countries consider electronic signatures binding. They are also easy to verify or authenticate. For this reason, companies can use them in contracts and other documentation.

Benefits of Electronic Signatures

The best benefits of using electronic signatures are convenience and time savings. This is especially true for insurance agencies. How many times have you emailed a client, asking them to physically sign a document, only to never get the document back? People don’t like printing documents just to sign and scan them back. It is an unnecessary hassle.

An electronic signature eliminates this process and makes signing a document much more convenient. For instance, if you send a new customer their insurance documents, they can open and sign the documents using electronic signature software, and email them back in under ten minutes.

Electronic signature software can also save your insurance agency money. Your agents don’t have to print a stack of papers before meeting a potential client. They can show them all the information they need via your website or marketing materials, and when they are ready to sign, they can do so with an electronic signature. There are no printing costs, and when you must send paperwork, there are no mailing costs. You simply email whatever documents you need to send.

Moreover, electronic signatures increase the security of a document and reduce risk. They are easy to verify using a digital audit trail and difficult to forge. It becomes even more challenging to forge an electronic signature when it is done free-hand compared to choosing a pre-selected font. Electronic signature software can even detect alterations, further minimizing the risk of fraud.

Lastly, you no longer have to store documents in piles. You can use an agency management system to store customer policy documents (and other paperwork) because the signatures will always be there when you need to use them.

Jenesis Offers a Flexible Electronic Signature Solution

Jenesis is committed to helping insurance agencies save time, money, and effort. Our Insurance Agency Management System integrates with a technology known as Formstack. This integration allows agents to get documents signed electronically without customers visiting an agency in person.

The signing process is also as easy as one, two, three for agents. They can sign their name and save the document as a .bmp file. Using a simple image editing tool like Canva or the one built into a computer’s operating system, they can shape and size the signature or save it in another format. Then, they can add their signature to the management system under User Setup. They can use this signature to sign customer documents and personal contracts within seconds.

If you use WeSignature, you can also integrate it with the JenesisNow management system. Simply click on All Locations on the Jenesis main page, go to location options, and turn the WeSignature Integration tab on. Then, you can add a WeSignature credential to your Jenesis user profile, which adds a new signature.

Getting Documents Signed Through JenesisNow

JenesisNow makes it easy for your agents to get documents signed. They have a few options, including sending an email request via the client’s profile. All they need to do is click the WeSignature button to open a popup window and password-protect the document they want to send. Then, they can add the document to an email using the same screen and send it to the customer.

Agents can also send policies via the policy screen. Using the Accord Forms menu, they can select the orange button, which will give them the WeSignature option. Clicking on WeSignature will direct them through the same process as emailing via the client profile.

Use JenesisNow For All Your Electronic Signature Requirements

JenesisNow can help you eliminate all the hassles of printing documents and getting physical signatures. E-signatures are the way of the future. They allow your customers to review their documents and sign them from anywhere in the world. This reduces frustration for your customers and turnaround times in your agency.

E-signatures also help build a memorable customer journey by offering a paperless but secure signing process. Along with happy customers, you will enjoy Jenesis’s strict security measures that ensure the integrity of all e-signatures. You will also save on costs of printing, storage, courier fees, and postage.

Using JenesisNow and integrating it with e-signing software means your agents can customize their workflows. They can facilitate agreements that require multiple signatures. And they can keep track of signed and unsigned documents on one platform. Moreover, they can do all of this with their mobile phones.

By using this incredible technology in your agency, you can enjoy the benefits of e-signatures from day one. Ready to see it in action? Request a demo, today!