Ensuring Data Integrity and Security in Your Insurance Agency with Jenesis - photo by pexels-junior-teixeira-2047905

Data lies at the core of every successful insurance agency. Agencies use several forms of data to perform daily tasks. This information includes personal information, claims history, and paper attachments. All types of data that agencies use form part of each customer’s interaction with sales agents and other employees. So, it is logical that agencies secure and protect all data using strict security measures.

As an insurance agency owner, you know that keeping sensitive customer information secure is non-negotiable. Beyond this duty, your agency is exposed to data breaches and cyberattacks. These types of crimes continue to cripple entire industries.

If an unexpected cyber breach affected your agency today, it would cause reduced customer confidence, directly affecting your bottom line. Cybercrimes can even result in door-closing fines and legal action.

At Jenesis, we know the kind of damage cyberattacks can do. This is why we developed a data security solution that offers everything from access control and encryption to threat detection and incident response.


How Can Jenesis Help Protect Your Agency’s Data?

Jenesis places the power in your hands to define user roles and permissions within your agency’s systems. As is the case with most businesses, not all your employees require access to all your centralized data. With our software, you can assign permission to staff members who work with sensitive information. Doing this will prevent unauthorized staff from getting access to confidential documents and information.

Jenesis also offers industry-standard algorithms with its encryption solution. It doesn’t matter whether you store your data on a dedicated service or transmit information across networks. If a hacker manages to access your systems and steal data, the encryption ensures the data is useless.

Moreover, Jenesis software comes with an audit trail and activity log features. Every action within the system is tracked, so you can see who accessed what data. Audit trails comply with data privacy regulations in the US. This means that using a Jenesis software solution will help your agency become compliant with the relevant laws. And you can identify suspicious activity before a breach happens.


Jenesis Offers Threat Detection and Prevention

We’ve created the JenesisNow system with the ability to detect cyber threats. Its built-in mechanisms monitor all activities. When someone tries to access your data or send malware to it, the system triggers an alert and blocks the threat before any damage occurs.

If the worst happens and the hacker breaches your sensitive data, Jenesis offers a swift incident response and disaster recovery plan. This means automated recovery, mitigation of data breaches, and minimal downtime. This type of response will help your agency recover faster from a cyberattack with the least possible impact on your customers.


Jenesis Simplifies Data Integrity

Along with strict data protection solutions, Jenesis offers numerous ways to keep your agency’s data integrity intact. JenesisNow offers automated workflows and processes to restrict manual tasks to a minimum. This equals fewer human errors and higher-quality customer data. At the same time, your agents will have more time to focus on closing deals and adding more data to your system.

The system also comes with real-time data insights and reporting tools. These features can help you track sales performance, identify data-related trends, and optimize your operations.

Furthermore, with Jenesis, you can set up secure and convenient client portals. Client portals form part of a data integrity strategy. Clients have 24/7 access to their information and can immediately inform you if their personal data is incorrect. Data portals allow clients to manage their policies, and they will only need to contact you if they want to upgrade their policies or add additional information. They can also pay online and submit claims.


Why Use Jenesis Software Solutions?

There is nothing an insurance agency needs more, barring clients, than a solid reputation. Far too many rumors and incorrect stories still make the rounds about the insurance industry. If you invest in the right software solutions, you not only upgrade your entire business, but you can put some of these rumors to rest.

With Jenesis’ range of agency-specific software solutions, you can protect all your valuable customer data while complying with state regulations. You will continuously improve your agency’s financial health while building lasting customer relationships.

Customers will trust your agency with their repeat business when they know their information is safe and secure. And, with a higher customer retention rate, your agency will gain an edge over the competition and stay successful in the years to come. It all starts with choosing the right software to drive your business to success.


Taking the First Step Towards Data Security

Do not wait for a cyberattack or data breach to wreak havoc in your agency. Contact Jenesis today for a consultation on the best data protection measures for your agency. With Jenesis, you will have the peace of mind of knowing your data is safe. We will guide you in choosing the best software solutions for your business so you can offer a better and safer experience for all your customers.