4 Ways the Client Portal Can Save Your Agency Time and Money by pexels-karolina-grabowska

When running an insurance agency, you are always in search of ways to save time and money without sacrificing the quality of service you offer clients. One excellent tool for doing this is the client portal from Jenesis.

What Is the Client Portal?

The Jenesis client portal is a way for your clients to access their insurance information from any device. They visit yourinsuranceportal.com and enter their credentials. From there, they can see their account information as well as your agency’s contact information. The client portal has tabs for policies, information, ID cards, payment history, and certificates of insurance.

So, how does this client portal save your agency time and money?

Clients Can Answer Their Own Questions

The biggest way that the client portal saves your agency time and money is by helping your clients answer their own questions. Instead of having to contact your agency for information about their policies or to check their payment history, clients can find that information themselves.

That saves your team the time they would have spent answering those questions. Maybe that is time spent talking to the client on the phone. Maybe it is time answering an email or talking to a client over web chat. The bottom line is that when clients can answer their own questions, your team doesn’t have to spend time doing so.

Increase Your Team’s Efficiency

The fact that your team doesn’t have to spend time answering basic questions from clients delivers obvious time savings, but it does more than save the time they would have actually spent answering the question. It also saves the wasted time that would have occurred from your team having to interrupt their task, switch gears and answer a question, then switch back.

As much as we wish it were otherwise, humans don’t multitask well. And your team is unlikely to get immediately back into their initial task if they have to pause it to interact with clients. As such, the lack of need to switch gears as often or interrupt tasks improves efficiency.

You Can Offer 24/7 Support Without a 24/7 Team

Another way to look at the time and money savings from the client portal is in terms of what you would have to do to get similar benefits. Consider that the client portal is accessible 24/7, letting clients answer their own questions, pay, and more at any time of the day and night.

Most small insurance agencies don’t have 24/7 customer support as this is just not financially feasible. It likely wouldn’t be used by your clients frequently enough to make it worth the cost. But the client portal lets you offer 24/7 support without the cost, at least for many of your clients’ needs. This saves you the money you would have had to spend on paying someone to be available outside of business hours—or what you would have spent outsourcing this task.

Your Clients Can Access the Portal Anywhere

The fact that clients can access the portal anywhere may seem like a great way to boost customer satisfaction (and it is!), but it can also save you time and money.

Client Satisfaction Saves Time and Money

To start, remember that client satisfaction is crucial for client retention. The happier your clients are, the less you have to spend on marketing to retain them. You may be able to reduce your marketing budget for retargeting, or you may just notice your existing budget going further.

The client satisfaction that comes from offering the portal goes beyond the convenience of the portal. It also comes from the fact that you have exceeded client expectations by offering around-the-clock support and providing easy access to account information. This puts you a step ahead of competitors, helping with satisfaction and marketing.

You Don’t Have to Provide Clients With Basic Information

But also consider the time and cost savings associated with the fact that you don’t have to provide clients with basic information. The traditional alternative to the documents and certificates of insurance on the client portal would be traditional, hard-copy documents. Those take time for your team to prepare and address and cost at least the postage and the cost of supplies to send if you need to mail them. If you’re emailing them, there’s still the time cost of having an employee manage the process. It’s the difference between your team having to take a few minutes to find the appropriate policy and attach it to an email vs just being able to continue with their current task, knowing that your clients can handle it themselves.


The client portal from Jenesis can boost your agency’s efficiency in many ways. To start, it saves your team the time they would have spent answering basic questions from clients, whether those would have been via email, the phone, webchat, snail mail, or in person. It also improves client satisfaction, saving you money spent on marketing.