13 Ways Our Insurance Agency Management System Will Save You Time - Woman smiling in front of computer - pexels-gustavo-fring

When choosing an insurance agency management system, one of your primary goals is to save time. This, along with staying organized, are the main reasons that you need a system in the first place. With Jenesis, you get a long list of features specifically designed to save time.

Client Portal – Let Your Clients Handle Basic Requests Themselves

You understand the importance of a client portal, but you may not realize how much time it saves you. Think of it this way. By providing clients with an easy-to-use portal, you give them the means to answer questions themselves. They don’t have to call, email, or visit to see their payment history, policies, or get a copy of their ID card or certificate of insurance. They don’t even have to interact with your team at all, as they can do all of this through the portal.

Email and Text from within the Software – No Need to Switch Programs

The ability to send emails and texts from within Jenesis also saves time due to the simple fact that you won’t have to switch programs. Even the process of getting used to the integrated email is fast, as its layout is familiar.

While the ability to email from within agency management software is not unheard of, Jenesis also lets you text from the software. This feature is much rarer and gives you more versatility when talking to clients. After all, the more communication options you have, the more likely you will be to reach clients via their preferred method.

Automated Email Marketing

It is no secret that automated emails are an excellent way to save time. After all, automated campaigns save you the hassle of having to send individual emails. Jenesis lets you create a range of email marketing campaigns, such as for cross-selling or wishing clients happy birthday.

Invoicing and Receipts within the Platform

As with emails, invoicing and receipts within Jenesis save you time by preventing the need to switch between platforms. You also save the time you would have spent checking for compatibility between your invoicing, receipts, and agency management software.

ACORD Forms Library

One of the annoying and potentially time-consuming tasks associated with running an insurance agency is getting the ACORD forms and filling them out. Jenesis has both pre-filled and blank forms right in the software. This saves you the hassle of having to find them yourself, including the potential need to look at another program.

Carrier Downloads

Direct carrier downloads include personal and commercial lines from most of the country’s insurance carriers with download ability. This saves you time, as you won’t have to navigate to the carrier’s website to get the relevant documents.

Commission Manager

This feature saves you the time and potential human error associated with tracking commissions by hand. Just set up commission percentages for users or a company and you are ready to go.

Suspense – So You Never Forget to Do Something

Keeping track of your to-do list is among the most important steps to being efficient with your time. It helps you plan how to spend your time and prioritize tasks. This prevents you from having to urgently handle something at the last minute. The suspense feature in Jenesis does just that. You can even use it to remind others to complete tasks.

Notes – No Need for an Additional System

Notes are more than just another example of the way Jenesis prevents the need to use multiple systems. It also gives you the ability to take notes in a convenient spot, right next to the information on a given client.

Customizable Reports for Insights

It is no secret that gathering data on your business will provide you with valuable insights. Jenesis delivers this in the form of customizable reports. You can look at the sources of business, renewals, production, CSR efficiency, or other information for your various lines of business.

Use the data from the reports to improve efficiency. Or use it to decide what lines of business to focus on. This will save you the time that you were spending on unprofitable lines or strategies.

Employee Productivity Log

The employee transaction and productivity log give you valuable information about your employees’ performance. Use that knowledge to make changes, or even decide which employees to promote and who needs more training.

Import Customers and Prospects – No Need to Manually Enter Information

Traditional insurance agency management software requires you to manually input information on prospects or clients. By letting you import this information, you not only save time but also eliminate the risk of human error.

Data Backup – Saves Time in Case a Disaster Occurs

Jenesis also features unlimited data backup. This feature prevents you from losing all of your valuable data even if there’s an issue at your insurance agency. Because it is unlimited, you don’t have to worry about potentially running out of space.


From the client portal to built-in notes to the ACORD forms library, Jenesis software includes numerous time-saving features. This lets you focus on the day-to-day operations of running your insurance agency or on selling to clients.