our favorite features

We recently asked our team to tell us which Jenesis features were their favorites. Take a look at what they had to say and learn a bit more about the features that make our software unique in the process.

Access From Any Device

Derek Honeycutt is our Product Development Manager. He loves “the ability to use JenesisNow from any device.” As he explains, you can access it from “desktops, laptops, Apple phones, Android phones, and anything else that can access the internet.”

Derek also told us why this is his favorite feature: “This makes me happy because the site is easy to use and see on any device!”

Dashboard Customization

For Brian Parker, a JenesisNow Developer, the Jenesis dashboard is his favorite feature. Specifically, he appreciates the “customizable dashboard showing all of the important stuff in one place.”

Christy Alaimo, an Account Manager and Insurance Agent, is also a big fan of the Jenesis dashboard and its customization. Christy especially likes the cards included on the dashboard. As she explains, “I like it for the customization, being able to configure the cards to show you what is important to you while not having to see what someone else thinks is important is so valuable to an agency.”

Christy further says that “These cards keep you focused on your day with things like reminders, calendar, communications with your team, and renewals, keeping you focused on what is important.”

Christy and Brian are not alone in their appreciation for the Jenesis dashboard. Tim Caviness, a JenesisNow Developer and “author ordinaire,” also calls this his favorite feature. He highlights how “everyone can start their day out the way they want.”

The ability to customize your dashboard also means that you can easily match your personal working style or your agency’s business style. The result is the ability to work more efficiently.


Lisa Gibson, our Implementation and Support Manager, loves the downloads feature in JenesisNow.

She describes it as “a huge time saver.” Lisa said, “For the most part, they process automatically. If a company or client is not already in JenesisNow, you are able to add from the download screen. This feature saves the agent from having to manually enter customers and policies, as well as updating the policies in JenesisNow to reflect the active policy information at the company.”

Kim Jones, one of our Software Trainers, also loves the downloads feature. She describes it as “…an automated process that helps our clients complete information automatically. Automation helps clients save time and money, which is key to keeping clients happy.”

Ease of Use

For Lisa Price, our Vice President, the best part of Jenesis is how easy it is to use, even if it’s your first time. She says, “I love that JenesisNow is so easy to learn! We have taken the complications out of this product. It’s fast to implement because it’s so easy.”

That ease of use even extends to the client portal, so your clients can access their information without worrying about a learning curve.

Email Integration

Darren Ridgeway, a Software Technician and Customer Support Team Member, loves the ease of emailing from within Jenesis. As he says, “My favorite part of JenesisNow is the email integration. Once setup, this feature is rock solid!”

Like every other feature in Jenesis, that email integration is incredibly straightforward to use. You get the expected organization with categories for your inbox, drafts, trash, and sent, among other folders. The search feature lets you find specific emails and even send them from within a client profile.

You can even click on the Emails tile box from a client’s profile to see all of the communication to, from, and even about that client. There is even integration for email marketing campaigns.


The reporting feature on our JenesisNow software also has some admirers on our team. These include Jenna Kleiber, our Marketing and Sales Manager. She says, “My favorite feature of JenesisNow is the reporting feature because it is so customizable. You aren’t limited to the reports that the system has already built for you, but rather you are able to build out the specific report that you would like to see.”

With the customizable reports, you can pull instant reports on a range of data. For example, look at reports about the source of business, CSR efficiency, production, or renewals about each line of business.


Using Jenesis gives you access to all of these features, as well as many others. From attaching media files to commission tracking, our insurance agency management software is loaded with the features that insurance agents need. Given that many members of our team have worked as insurance agents, we know exactly what tools and resources are the most useful. You can see for yourself why these features are favorites of our team and learn about others. Ready to see these features for yourself? Request a demo, today!