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Now more than ever, your insurance agency should work hard to improve its online visibility and increase lead conversions. These are two main ways to ensure that your agency stays successful and continues to beat the competition.

Most consumers today, especially those in the younger generation bracket, demand online options. They search the internet for the products and services they want. They look for reviews and online quotes. They compare plans using specialized comparison tools and then buy insurance coverage online. They can do all this without having to speak to an agent once.

So, if your insurance agency is difficult to find, you are missing out on vast numbers of potential customers.

Competition Is Ever-Increasing

The insurance industry gets more competitive each year. New companies enter the market, most of them Insurtech startups. This means it’s getting harder for established agencies to stand out. However, if you have a strong online presence, you have a foothold that no competitor can take away from you. And you have a solid way to convert leads.

Moreover, being more visible online and making the most of digital marketing strategies is much more cost-effective than traditional advertising methods. You can streamline the conversion process by attracting qualified leads via your website and social media without spending more money. This also gives you an edge over competitors who may be clinging to outdated forms of advertising.

Let’s not forget about the sheer persuasive power of online reviews. If you have an online presence, you make it easier for consumers to rate your service and products. This helps build trust and attract even more clients. With reviews and testimonials, you can boost online visibility and convert more leads in one go.

How JenesisReach Can Help You Beat the Competition

Jenesis works exclusively with insurance agencies. It is how we know how crucial it is for these businesses to make an impact online. We designed our unique JenesisReach Search Marketing Resource specifically for agencies to improve their online presence and convert more leads.

This system centers on SEO solutions and social media management. Integrating it with your JenesisNow system and existing agency systems will help you rank higher on search engines and gain higher levels of organic traffic. JenesisReach offers the following features:

Tenured Search Marketing Manager

Along with the built-in SEO program manager function, you get a tenured search marketing manager. The manager will project a 6-month outcome for your agency. You will also get a checklist of action items to complete. This process helps optimize your website with SEO keywords and strategies. It is the first step towards increasing your agency’s online visibility.

Review and Audit

The SEO program launch initiates a website audit. The audit reviews everything related to SEO, including page content, keywords, and code attributes. This allows you to optimize every website page with the latest SEO strategies and phrases. The auditing process also identifies areas of improvement.

Dashboard and Reports

The JenesisReach system also offers a dashboard to track the metrics that matter to your insurance agency. For instance, using the dashboard, you can measure keyword rankings and website traffic. You will get notifications about website page errors. And you will see your social media referrals.

You can use the reports generated on the dashboard to keep improving your SEO strategy. It is a high-level overview that allows you to fill any gaps as soon as they arise. The dashboard also provides a weekly performance recap.

Monthly SEO Planner

You also get an SEO manager. The SEO manager provides a detailed action plan at the start of each month. This plan contains suggestions for page edits and website updates. It offers blog topics and ideas for social media posts. This will help you stay on top of new content for your website and social media accounts and improve your agency’s visibility even more.

Social Media Management

Moreover, you get two industry-specific posts written for your Google Business Profile and Facebook page. These posts include backlinks to your website, which is a crucial strategy for boosting website traffic. Backlinks also prove your website’s authority, which will help it rank higher on Google.


Your SEO manager will also supply two industry-specific news or blog articles for you to review and approve monthly. These articles contain relevant keywords to help you draw more online traffic.

Improving Lead Conversion With JenesisReach

These features are all designed to give your agency maximum online visibility and increase lead conversion. Our JenesisReach team is dedicated to providing your agency with the SEO strategies it needs to succeed in 2024 and beyond. We routinely add the latest SEO practices to refine your SEO program.

With the JenesisReach system, your agency can implement a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. This strategy will help you reach your marketing goals and get your profits to grow. Contact us to learn more about this revolutionary system, or request a free demo here.