Jenesis' Role in Transforming Your Insurance Agency's Online Presence - photo by pexels-andrea-piacquadio-3790805

A strong and expanded online presence is something every modern insurance agency needs. We live in an age where customers want products and services at the tap of a screen.

It is no different with insurance clients. They want to be able to buy insurance coverage from their mobile phones. They want to get the information they need within the hour. They also want to claim using a client portal and be updated every step of the way.

Insurance customers also turn to the internet for insurance quotes, insurance agency reviews, and testimonials, as well as other information. If customers cannot find your agency via a quick Google search, you have a problem.

Fortunately, Jenesis knows what it takes to create a well-rounded online presence. If you have started lagging behind the competition because your online presence is not on point, let us help you change the game.

What Are The Most Common Challenges Agencies Face?

Before we tell you about the magic of Jenesis and how we can help you transform your online presence, let’s discuss the common challenges you may be facing already.

Outdated, Non-Functioning Websites

If your insurance agency’s website is outdated and full of outdated information, users won’t stick around. If you do not have a user-friendly website with a navigable menu, you cannot highlight your agency’s unique value proposition.

Your website must make it easy for your customers and prospects to contact you – whether that’s via phone, email, contact form, or live chat.

By relying on a traditional, static agency website, you will not beat the competition, and you will not grow your business.

Siloed Management Systems

If you use more than one system in your agency, the employees using them must be able to communicate with one another throughout the day. A siloed data management approach does not work in modern agencies. If one team does not know what the other is doing, you cannot personalize your customer’s online experience. You also will not know when to target a specific market with a special insurance offer because you will not have the feedback you need from your customer base.

If your agency departments are disconnected because they work on outdated systems that do not link up, you will have a lot of missed opportunities to regret.

What’s more, if you do not have an omnichannel system that keeps your agency in constant contact with customers, you lose even more. Your online presence should seamlessly integrate with your offline operations. This option means that people must be able to reach your agency whether you are in the office or not. You must implement several online touchpoints to achieve this.

How Can Jenesis Help Your Agency Create an Extended Online Presence?

Using many years of experience working with insurance agencies, Jenesis can help you build a dynamic, responsive, and customizable website. It is the starting point of creating a visible and instantly recognizable online presence.

When we help you design a website, we go beyond adding information. We offer the features your customers demand, including instant quote generation and online policy applications. It also includes secure client portals, so your customers can contact you whenever they need to do so.

Furthermore, our insurance agency management system can integrate with your existing systems. This feature gives you a world of opportunities when it comes to offering online services.

In addition to having a valuable website, you can use your management system to allow customers to manage their policies. They can make monthly payments and submit claims all on one platform. They can also download the documents they need without seeing an agent or visiting your offices. This type of convenience attracts more customers and convinces existing customers to renew their policies.

With its features, JenesisNow becomes a hub for your agency data. A centralized platform negates the need for departmental siloes. Together, all your employees and sales agents can work towards creating a personalized online experience for your customers. And when upsell opportunities arise, you can use the system to create targeted marketing campaigns based on client behavior reports.

The Jenesis Advantage

At Jenesis, we aim to improve your online presence by more than just functionality. We want to help you drive website traffic, assess customer behavior, and find the right audience. Our goal is to maximize your return on investment while helping you meet your customers’ needs. We want you to enjoy improved operational efficiency and gain a competitive edge over your competition.

Jenesis is more than just an insurance agency software provider. By streamlining your online services and building your online presence, we help equip you with the tools you need to attract and retain your customers. If you are ready to experience the Jenesis transformation in your agency, contact us today for a consultation.