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In a competitive market, customer service is what’s going to set your insurance agency apart from the next. If a potential customer does not receive the service they demand from an insurance provider, they may move on to yours. This gives you the chance to provide them the customer experience they lacked at the previous company. However, the opposite is also true. If customers are unhappy with their experience with your agency, they will move on to the next.

If you prioritize a positive and successful customer experience, you will find it easier to appeal to customers. You will also start a chain reaction of recommendations and build brand loyalty, which will benefit your agency.

JenesisSoftware’s client portal can help you achieve this goal. Using this portal, your agency can create the ideal customer experience by streamlining communication and offering a complete self-service option.

Why Should Your Agency Focus On Customer Service?

Customer service refers to all interactions between your insurance agency and its customers. These interactions take place before, during, and after an insurance purchase. Customer service also includes every stop on the customer journey. This includes inquiries, concerns, questions, and after-sales support.

Keep in mind that because of the host of insurance options out there, many customers would not hesitate to switch providers after a single bad customer experience. On the other hand, satisfied customers are highly likely to resign when their renewal date comes up. They are also more likely to give an agency a five-star review. This alone is enough reason to focus on customer service all the time.

As digital customer journeys continue to evolve, Jenesis’s client portal option offers a central platform for customer interaction. This will help you build the type of customer experience your clients expect.

JenesisSoftware Client Portal Features

The Jenesis Client Portal offers several features that will allow your agency to stand out from the competition. With the client portal, your customers can access their policy documents and certificates of insurance. They can find information on insurance products without having to contact an agent. They can use the portal to update their personal information and view payment details. At the same time, this gives your agents more time to focus on connecting with new clients.

The client portal allows your customers to get the help they need any time of the day or night without waiting. This helps your agency exceed expectations and offer excellent customer service.

Moreover, the portal provides a secure login page, ensuring zero unauthorized interactions. Customers can use the portal to submit service requests if they do not find what they need. However, this is unlikely because the portal can store several forms of information, including resources, FAQs, and even articles.

Additionally, customers can upload and download relevant documents. They can communicate with your agents using a built-in messaging feature. And customers can even make payments for products and services.

You can customize the JenesisSoftware client portal to incorporate your branding and integrate the portal with your existing business services.

Benefits of JenesisSoftware’s Client Portal For Your Agency

There are several benefits to using the client portal. Firstly, using the portal will improve your team’s efficiency by smoothing communication and automating workflows. It will help your agents resolve inquiries and complaints faster.

The client portal also empowers your customers to find the answers they need without waiting. The portal frees up some time for your agents to complete other tasks. Even better, customers have 24/7 access to their documents and can inform you if anything is incorrect. This will help you maintain an error-free customer database and prevent customer frustration.

The portal also supports two-way conversations. This feature decreases the risk of miscommunication and misunderstandings.

The client portal is scalable, so it will grow with your business, accommodating more clients and information. It also allows you to integrate several third-party applications to enhance the self-service option further. And, because you are empowering your customers to use self-service options, your agency will save money on customer service expenses.

Benefits of JenesisSoftware’s Client Portal For Customers

Your customers will enjoy a stress-free experience with your agency when they use the client portal. They can submit requests and track their progress. They will also enjoy transparent communication with your agents on an easy-to-use platform. The client portal is designed with maximum data security in mind. The platform keeps customer information safe and out of the hands of unauthorized people.

If you add an invoicing and payment option to the portal, you will reduce payment disputes. Generally speaking, the client portal makes it easier for customers to build a relationship with your agency.

Overhaul Your Customer Service Offering With JenesisSoftware’s Client Portal

Insurance customers have high expectations. This is mainly because their money is going to a company that they expect to have their back and help them when things go sideways. You can meet these expectations with the help of JenesisSoftware’s client portal.

By using the features of the client portal, your customers and your agents can enjoy the benefits listed above. And you can continue to drive customer satisfaction and loyalty. Interested in learning more? Request a demo, today!