How do I Make a Payment or File a Claim via the client portal in JenesisNow?

How to set up a payment link and file a claim link for your customers via their client portal in JeneisNow.

JenesisNow – Make a Payment or File a Claim via The Client Portal

Start by going to the left sidebar, hovering over Companies, and selecting All Companies. Then select a company, and the Editing Company dashboard appears. Under Company Info, notice Payment URL and Claims URL.

When clients pay through their client portal to the specific business you are setting up for, they will do it using the Payment URL you provide them.

In order to submit a claim through the client portal of the selected company, go to the Claims URL.

Once you’ve entered the correct URL, you will then go into your Insurance Portal. Inside the portal, you’ll notice customers’ information. Click on Policies at the top, and notice two tabs: Make A Payment and Make a Claim link. Once you’ve clicked on those links, it’ll open up to your created link.

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