The Perfect Insurance Agency Tech Stack

As technology has advanced over the years, so has its ability to make your insurance agency run more smoothly. From tools to craft your insurance agency’s website to software to streamline everyday tasks, having a tech stack is now crucial for any insurance agency.

Continue reading for advice on how to create the perfect tech stack for your insurance agency, including the must-have tools.

Agency Management System

Your insurance agency management system is one of the foundational pieces of your tech stack. You want a system like Jenesis that is loaded with the most useful features. For example, you want multi-device access, customization, downloads, and a convenient client portal.

Customer Relationship Management System

The other crucial system to choose early on in the process is your CRM system. Make sure it can track all of the information you need to keep on your customers and is easy to use.

Marketing Automation

The best agency management systems will let you email and perform other basic marketing functions within them. But you may still need a system for marketing automation. Remember that automation will save your agency time.

Email Automation

Email automation is part of marketing automation, but it is also part of your continued communications with current clients. In today’s highly connected world, your clients expect to receive regular updates about their policies and your offerings.

You can also use email automation to send surveys and get feedback from clients. This, in turn, lets you ensure that you deliver an excellent client experience, which will boost client retention. Although less common, this is also a feature you may find in top agency management software like Jenesis.

Billing Systems

Every insurance agency needs to have a system in place for billing and another to accept payments. Look for a system that lets you accept the payment methods that your clients prefer.

Client Portal

If your agency management system doesn’t already have one, you will also need to get a client portal. This has become an expected service from insurance companies. If you don’t have an easily accessible client portal, you will find yourself losing clients. As mentioned, some of the best agency management software, like Jenesis, already has a client portal.

Certificate Management

This system is there to ensure that your clients can easily access their certificates and the other relevant information and documentation they need. Some agency management systems will already have this feature.

Online Enrollment System

As technology has advanced, so have client expectations. Clients used to want to talk to an insurance agent directly before enrolling in insurance. Many clients still feel that way; after all, that is how they can take advantage of your advice.

However, you will also have a handful of clients who want an online enrollment system. These clients know what they want and want to enroll themselves. Perhaps they simply have a lot of insurance knowledge, or maybe they are concerned about upselling because of past experiences.

Lead Identification Tech

Your tech stack should also include software that will help you identify leads and help with prospecting. This may be the same system as your marketing automation software, or it may be a different system.

Learning Management System

Once you have the rest of your tech stack set, consider adding a learning management system (LMS). This is especially helpful for educating your clients. Depending on the type of insurance you offer or the responsibilities your clients have, this can even help your clients stay compliant.

Analytics and Reporting

Make sure that your insurance agency has technology that gathers data and analyzes it for you. You will need data on a range of things, such as the source of your new clients, production, and renewals. This is yet another feature that you may find in your agency management system. While Jenesis has a robust system complete with customizable reports, if you choose a different agency management system, you may need a separate analytics tool.


Having the right technology will streamline your insurance agency’s operations. You will be able to find documents when you need them, manage client data, and more. Your technology stack will also improve your client experience, helping with retention. For example, a client portal gives clients easy access to their policy information and the ability to pay for their policy.

Some of the best agency management systems will serve multiple functions, reducing the need to use multiple pieces of software. That being said, you cannot expect a single program to provide every single bit of tech your insurance agency needs.