an insurance agency in the middle of migrating to a new agency management system

Running a successful insurance agency doesn’t just happen by chance. It takes multiple factors to create a thriving business. That starts with an owner who has a clear vision and outstanding leadership qualities. Then, the insurance agency needs skilled agents who use their experience and knowledge of the industry to build client relationships and sell policies.

However, there’s one more critical factor: an insurance agency management system. As a general rule, this consists of a software program that keeps the agency organized and processes seamless. However, not all systems provide the same level of technology, and some lack important features and solutions.

Whether you have a successful insurance agency or you’re looking for a way to strengthen your client base, this is one of the most vital components for your business. What should you do if your current system isn’t much help? Especially when it comes to computer programs, it’s scary to think of switching to different software.

After all, what would happen if you lost all your client data in the process or you had to hire a computer expert who charged a hefty price? Fortunately, if you select the right insurance agency management system, you don’t need to worry about either one of these scenarios happening.

Making the Change Easy and Painless

The first and most important decision you’ll make has to do with selecting a program based on your specific needs. For instance, some management systems focus on a particular segment of the insurance agency, whether automobile, home, life, or so on. While that’s fine, it creates a potential problem.

Say your agency currently only sells home and auto insurance, but at some point, you plan to expand your product offerings. Rather than end up with a system that won’t grow with your business, you want a scalable management system. Some of the best software programs have a multifaceted design. So, they can handle virtually all types of insurance.

Below are some additional things to consider so that you can successfully switch from an outdated system to something more high-tech.

Keep Your Team Informed

The last thing you want is to have all your agents show up on a Monday morning to discover an entirely new program. That would lead to sheer panic. Once you’ve decided to go with a more robust system, let your team know. Even if you haven’t selected a specific software program, at least give them a head’s-up about impending changes.

At that time, you can answer questions. This is also a perfect opportunity to ask your agents about the features they would find most helpful in a new insurance agency management system.

User’s Experience

Also, select an insurance agency management system that your team will feel excited about. People often hesitate to change even if they’re unhappy with the particular software program they currently use. The goal is to select a management system that your agents will embrace and adapt to quickly and willingly.

That means going with something that has a dashboard to make navigation easy. Also, choose software that makes it easy for your team to input client information.

Other key features include detailed generated reports, insurance tend notifications, and tips on improving internal and external networking. The best systems on the market even send alerts that show how you can save your clients money without compromising on coverage.

As part of this, the best management system will offer training and provide you and your team with incredible support.

Designate One or Two People to Oversee the Transitions

You know the saying about “too many cooks in the kitchen”? Well, that applies here. While you want your agents to get excited, you don’t need a lot of people involved with the transition. So, designate one or more individuals, preferably those with some computer knowledge, to spearhead the insurance agency management system transition project.

You can do this before selecting a new insurance agency management system or after. If before, the people you chose can help you compare what different companies offer and the unique aspects of their systems. Otherwise, you can choose the system and then have the individuals get up to speed on how it works.

A Flawless Transition

One last thing: Look for a computer system designed for smooth integration. That way, you can move client information over without any fear of losing critical data. Remember, a company that offers an outstanding insurance agency management system has a team of experts willing to help you along the way. After switching, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.