scales representing the need to compare insurance agency management systems before making a decision

When it comes to insurance agency management systems, independent insurance agencies can choose from several different options. However, just as with other available products, not all offer the same features, service, and affordable pricing.

There’s no question that the insurance industry has become increasingly more competitive over the years. As a result, agencies have had no choice but to come up with solutions that give them an advantage. That includes better training, expanding policy options, and relying more on social media to reach their target market.

However, the one thing that independent insurance agencies need the most is a reliable, scalable, and robust insurance agency management system. Without this, they’re already working from a point of disadvantage. To better understand why this particular system is vital to an agency’s success, consider some of the key benefits.

Benefits of an Insurance Agency Management System

  • Improved Organization – If there’s one thing that policyholders hate the most, it’s when an agent asks the same question multiple times. After all, a good insurance agent takes their job to heart. So, they should know or at least have access to information before talking to their clients. This is where the right insurance agency management system comes to the rescue. It keeps all client files perfectly organized.
  • Streamlined Workflow – Especially with insurance, there’s a kind of rhythm that keeps agents on task. If the workflow gets disrupted, it can lead to an assortment of problems. For instance, files get lost, important notes get tossed in the trash, bills get mixed up, and so on. An excellent software program improves an agency’s overall workflow.
  • Robust Reporting – To run a successful independent insurance agency, the owner must have a way to generate accurate reports. With this, the agency owner can identify potential areas of weakness but also see the portions of the business generating the most revenue. The reporting information allows the agency owner to make appropriate changes as needed.
  • Claims Tracking – Policyholders also can’t stand mismanaged claims. When a client files a claim, they’re already frustrated. So, when they call their agent to get an update, they want factual and quick answers. Even better, the right insurance agency management system has built-in tools that alert the agent it’s time to give the client an update. This alone can make a huge difference in the success of an independent agency. Reaching out to the client before they contact the agency is what you call outstanding customer service.
  • Scalability – Many independent insurance agencies, especially small or new agencies, often struggle with cash flow issues, at least initially. So, rather than paying for one software program only to upgrade to another and another doesn’t make good financial sense. Even for agencies doing extremely well, there’s no reason to throw away good money. A top-rated insurance agency management system is scalable, meaning it grows right along with the business.

Identifying the Best Insurance Agency Management System

One of the best ways to choose one system among many is to research what both agencies and even staff have to say. When you find one particular company that receives a lot of positive comments about the product they offer, you want to pay attention. There’s a reason it stands out.

Jenesis Software is a North Carolina-based company with more than 20 years of providing the insurance industry with enterprise-quality software solutions. As a leader in this field and having introduced a revolutionary program, many consider Jenesis as the best.

However, going back to reviewing feedback left by agencies and staff, it becomes clear that Jenesis is unique. Lisa, our Vice President, sums it up perfectly: “It’s kind of like when you’re dating. Each person you date has similar features, but when you find the one, there’s something different and special about it that makes you choose that person. When people buy Jenesis, it’s not always because we have an amazing feature that separates us from the rest. It’s because they (agencies) like the way Jenesis feels … the team, the experience with the salesperson, and the product qualities. It’s a romance.”

Compared to other software solutions available, the insurance agency management system provided by Jenesis is “different and special.” Some of the program’s key features include:

  • Prefilled Accord Forms
  • Carrier Downloads
  • Images and Scanning
  • Automated Notes
  • Reports
  • Drip Marketing Campaigns
  • Electronic Signature, Comparative Rater, Credit Card, and Premium Finance Integration
  • Gmail, Outlook, Accounting, and Quickbooks Integration
  • Instacheck
  • Quote Control
  • Real-Time Carrier Logins

Beyond the features though, it’s our team that really makes Jenesis stand out. From our open, honest, and transparent sales team, to our knowledgeable, dedicated, and communicative support staff, you’re always in good hands. We’re with you every step of the way.

The Bottom Line

Yes, many insurance agency management systems exist. However, for one that truly bolsters an agency’s ability to succeed, you can’t beat what Jenesis offers.

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