System Requirements

Jenesis Software

System Requirements for JenesisNow

Minimum requirements for running JenesisNow:


Browser Recommendation:

  • Google Chrome is recommended

High Speed Internet Connection:

  • Jenesis recommends the fastest speed offered in your area. It provides the best experience and is key to efficiency, productivity and happiness of your agents.


  • If you scan directly into Jenesis: You must have a twain driver compatible scanner.We can help you determine whether or not what you have in your office will work.
  • If you attach scanned images from your computer into Jenesis: You can use the scanner of your choice.


  • Jenesis highly recommends investing in dual monitors for each agency workstation.  It’s one of the least expensive things you can do to promote efficiency and happiness of your staff.  It allows the agent to have Jenesis open on one monitor and other applications like email, carrier sites, etc. up on the second monitor.

Data Security:

  • Your data on JenesisNow is stored on servers that are located in a data server facility in the US. These facilities are extremely secure and provide electronic and physical security, two-factor authentication, and CCTV surveillance. We also secure your data from end-to-end with a PCI-compliant SSL certificate that’s updated every 90 days and store critical data in our system using a modified proprietary 256-bit encryption algorithm.