Web Features

Images & Scanning

Do away with paper files and filing cabinets by going paperless with our imaging feature. File by Customer or by transaction – it’s your choice.

Company Downloads

Daily auto/home policy downloads from carriers who subscribe to IVANS. View Supported Carriers


JenesisNow includes the ACORD forms library.

Automated Notes

Notes automatically made when a policy is accessed, a receipt is completed, an endorsement is processed, and more.


Pull instant reports related to production, renewals, source of business, CSR efficiency, etc. on various lines of business.

Receipts & Payments

Automated Receipt / Remittance Management makes end of the day accounting tasks easier to manage and records better organized.


The Jenesis Software Suspense Feature makes sure you always do the right thing at the right time, allowing you to stay on top of every aspect of your business and provide amazing customer service. Remind yourself or someone else at any date in the future. Sticky notes get lost; Suspenses do not. Learn More

Quote Control

Quote control allows your agency to manage marketing for every quote, to thank referrals, to send postcards or letters, and more.

Electronic Signature

Jenesis integrates with InsureSign to allow agents to get documents electronically signed the quick and easy way without the insured needing to step foot in the agency.
(Not Available Yet – Coming Soon!)


The Jenesis Software InstaCheck feature allows agents to provide a useful option to customers who need to pay by check but are unable to come to the agency. Customers can take a picture of the check and email to text to the agent who then uses the InstaCheck feature to print a physical check that can be deposited into the agents account.
(Not Available Yet – Coming Soon!)

Credit Card Integration

Jenesis Software integrates with Simply Easier Payments to all agencies to accept credit cards without any cost to the agency. It is quick, easy and built right into the Jenesis receipt function.
(Not Available Yet – Coming Soon!)

Accounting & QuickBooks Integration

We have an amazing integration with QuickBooks Account Software.
(Not Available Yet – Coming Soon!)

Automated Logins

J-Links provides automated login, website management and real time policy access with a button click. View J-Links Carriers
(Not Available Yet – Coming Soon!)

Marketing Features

PhoneTree can perform tasks you never knew a phone system could do. Save precious time and look like a Super Agent!
It’s the Little Things Jenesis Helps Grow Your Business
(Not Available Yet – Coming Soon!)

And Much More

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