A suspense is a to-do item that can be associated with a policy, a client, or by itself. Use them as sort of an “advanced sticky note” system to help you organize your work life. When you create a suspense, you can set a date in the future, and the suspense will pop up on that day to remind you. Until then, your desk won’t be cluttered with small notes that will inevitably get lost.

To create a suspense, first open up your Client’s profile. Then go to the Policy that you want to create the suspense for. Once you’re inside the Policy, hit {CTRL-S} on your keyboard to bring up your Suspense menu.

You’ll notice that it automatically fills in the first and last name of the Client and the Policy Number because you’re calling it from the Policy screen. When you create a Suspense from the Policy level, it automatically links to the policy. If you create it from the Client level, it only links back to that Client, not an individual policy.

Once a new Suspense is called up, the “Suspense From” field will automatically fill in your name. The “Suspense To” field should be populated with whomever needs to complete the task. It will automatically default to your name, but you can choose anyone in the user dropdown.

You also have the ability to “CC” people on Suspenses. Just hold down the {CTRL} key and highlight multiple users.

The “Suspense From Date” field automatically populates to the day’s date. You can use the calendar on the side to change it.

The “Suspense To Date” field is very important; this is the date the suspense shows up in your inbox on the main screen. This gives you the ability to create future reminders that won’t clutter up your inbox, so if you don’t need to take care of a task today, you don’t have to be bombarded with it every day until it’s necessary.

Lastly, fill in the “Task” field with your to-do task. Then you can close, print, or attach an image to it.

The suspense will now show on your main screen in your inbox on the day you entered.

To Complete your Suspense, fill your name into the “Completed By” field. The day’s date will automatically fill in.