What is the Client and Policy Detail Report within JenesisNow?

Client and Policy Detail Report within JenesisNow

JenesisNow- Client and Policy Detail Report

This video will focus on the Policy and Client detail report.

First, go to the left-vertical menu, hover over reports, and click reports to bring up the Report page. On the Reports page, go to the Base Reports section and select Policy and Client Detail, which will open a new page. On this page, notice it is broken up into three main sections, Possible Columns, Report Columns, and Filter. This is a very common report pulled by agencies to give you a snapshot of all of their clients and their policies, which is very customizable.

To move possible column choices to the report columns, click the green arrow button on the right of the choice, sending it to the report column. If you want to remove something from the report column, click the left green arrow button next to the choice to send it to the possible column section. You can reorder the selections in the report columns by clicking and dragging them to the desired order.

Then you can choose what you would like to filter in your report column by selecting the green arrow button on the right and sending it to the filter report section. If selecting to filter by company and you would like them all to show, don’t fill in anything in the filter section, but I suggest clicking the Group button to group by company.

To review the report created, click the green View Report button in the top-left corner. Remember, these can be customized to however you desire and saved to pull this report later.

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