How do I use Productivity Reports in JenesisNow?

How to track productivity in JenesisNow.


JenesisNow – Using Productivity Reports

How to track productivity in your JenesisNow system using the transaction log report.

First, we’re going to explore the Time Clock report. Begin by going to the clock icon located at the top of the screen.

If you’re an admin, you’ll be able to see “Manage time clock” at the bottom of the popup window in blue. When you’re inside the Administrative Time-Clock feature, you can click on any entry to make changes. To save your changes on each entry click the green Submit button to the right.

Next, navigate to the vertical menu bar. In reports, you’ll find your time-clock detail report. You’ll see possible columns that you can add-in. Feel free to remove any that you don’t need by selecting the left arrow.

Now you’re going to select filters by selecting the right arrow to move to the Filter/Action column. Filter by user grouping them together then you can move it to the top. Select sum to get total time.

Instead of a Date card, you’ll choose the Time In card by selecting the right arrow to move it over to the Filter/Action column. This is how you’ll choose your date range.

After you filter, go to the top right corner and select View Report. The report is going to show you by user, time in/time out, and total time. At the bottom under “Time Clock Detail,” you’ll see the total counts.

When done reviewing the time detail, go to the top and select the yellow “Back to Report Config” button.

If you like the report you created and want to run it again in the future, fill in the blanks under Report Name and Description, then select “Memorize” to save.

Now select “Choose Report” in the top left to view a list of your saved reports.

Another report is Transaction Log which is located under detailed reports. The transaction log is going to show you any transactions that have been done in your agency within a given date range.

After you click on Transaction Log, select the right arrow to pull “User” over to the Filter/Action section. Opt to Group the users.

Then, move Action over. Select your action item, i.e. suspense. Pull Extra over to Filter/Action and enter in any keyword that you would like to see. As an example, if you choose “Ford,” then view the report, you’ll see any task done by the user on suspense items with the word Ford in it.

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