How do I track and view absences in JenesisClassic?

How to track and view absences in JenesisClassic.

JenesisClassic – Absence Tracking

The first step is to determine how much time off each user will be allotted. This is accomplished via the user’s profile and settings.

To adjust your account settings, go to Utilities at the top and then User Setup. The User Setup window will open. As an admin, you’ll have access to everyone’s profile. To locate a specific user, type their name into the search bar located at the bottom of the page. When editing a person’s profile, look to the right for the PTO Hours field, where you may specify the number of days off that user is eligible to take. Select the Close button at the bottom to finish.

To track user time, choose Time Clock, then Absence Tracking. Absence Tracking window appears. Select a date, the number of hours, the reason, and any comments, then click Add.
Hours allowed, used, and remaining will be shown. Use the filters to narrow your search to a certain time frame or set of comments. Now choose Close to exit.

Selecting Reports from the main menu, and then Production, will generate a report showing attendance records. To find the report you’re looking for, use the search bar over on the right. Once the report is generated, select it. Then, in the lower left corner, pick the see report option after entering a date range or single date.

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