How do I set up accounting in my JeneisNow system?

How to set up your accounting in your JeneisNow system.

JenesisNow- Accounting Check Register

To add a bank account – select the 3 lines up in the top left of the screen, which will open a menu. In the menu, go to Accounting, and then select Bank Accountants. Your account dashboard will appear; this section is where you can add your accounts. Select Add Account, and a window will appear called Account Information. Now, fill in all the required fields.

When adding your QuickBooks name, make sure it’s the exact name you have used for QuickBooks. If you have multiple locations, make sure it matches the one used for the specific account with the location. If one account is for all locations, select All Locations and then select Save.

Select the 3 lines at the top left, and a menu will appear. Under Companies, select All Companies.

Note: There’s an ability to batch receipt processing, which means once you process your receipts, it’ll be all on one line instead of multiple. If the account has individual lines, you’ll want to be on the Editing Company dashboard; scroll down to Accounting-Receipt Processing and notice Batch Receipts. Use the drop-down menu and select No.

Next, select the 3 lines at the top, and the menu will open; select Agency, then All Locations, and select your location. Now scroll down to Accounting-Receipt Processing, and you’ll be able to assign payment types accounts.

Over to the left, select Accounting, then Check Register. Here you can process receipts by using the date ranges at the top, then click Process Receipts, and when asked to confirm, select Ok.

To print a check, check the box under Select Check, choose how many to print, then select Process. Once the check has cleared, select the company. A new window will appear, and in this window, select Yes under the drop-down menu for Cleared, then click Save.

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