How do I set up accounting in my JeneisNow system?

How to set up your accounting in your JeneisNow system.

JenesisNow- Accounting Check Register

Begin by selecting Bank Accounts from the Accounting (ACCT) menu. Select the Add Account option, and this will bring up a window titled Account Information. Fill out all the fields and then click Save to save and exit. The account will then appear on your dashboard, and you can add as many accounts as you need.

To access the Check Register, hover over Accounting (ACCT) on the left sidebar. Upon entering this dashboard, you’ll select Edit Sub Accounts, and a window will appear where you can enter your Account Names, then click Save, and after saving, click Close.

Select Edit Payees and enter your payees in the window, then click Save to save, and then select Close. This will allow you to enter memos by selecting Edit Memos, then memos will appear on your checks in the memo line. Make sure to select Save and Close, and now you’re ready to set up your transactions.

If you have any receipts for specific dates and select Process Receipts, those will appear in your transactions. Select Edit Transaction, and this will bring up a window, and then fill out all the required fields for the new transaction. Then select Save to save and close. You’ll be able to see your transaction on the dashboard once it’s completed.

Check the box under Select Check, use the drop-down menu to choose print per page, and then click Process. Your check will then print.

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