How do I download commissions reports in JenesisNow?

How to download commissions reports in JenesisNow.

Commission Manager – JenesisNow

Start by clicking Companies from the left sidebar, then select All Companies. The Companies dashboard appears. Use the search bar at the top and search for companies you’ve downloaded your commissions with. After finding your company, notice Editing Company.

You can see a list of commissions by scrolling down. Select the Plus Sign (+). A window opens titled Commission. Select the Policy Type from the dropdown. Afterward, you’ll input your new percentage and then click Save. Your Commissions Card will populate with the correct information.

On the left sidebar, hover over Users and choose All Users. To access a specific user’s account, click on their name in the User Accounts dashboard. Scroll down to Commissions on the right of the user’s profile. You’ll then set up your commissions by policy type and percentage for new business/renewals.

Under New/Renewal, if you don’t pay a percentage but pay a fixed cash amount, you’ll enter that information. Select Save User at the top.

Click Downloads on the left sidebar to display Company Downloads. On your Download File List card, you’ll find a file titled Commission. Select Process. Red means not all policies have been matched to your file; select Incomplete.

You’ll now see Download Commission File View. For matching, use the customer’s name, policy number, and effective date. A Create New Policy window will appear. Fill out the Company, Producer, and Customer fields. Choose Create Policy in green. When prompted, click OK. The download is now customer-matched.

Hover over Tools, choose Commissions and then enter your manual commission file types. Click Enter Commission Statement Detail in the Commission Manager box. Once the window displays, enter your policy number to get the details. Fill in your statement date, effective date, transaction type, and transaction commission amount on the right. Hit Save.

Choose Reports from the left sidebar. Dashboard Reports appear. Base Reports include Commission Overview/Statement. You’ll then see a report. Right-click and choose Statement Date. You can get the report by Producer or Agency Commission. Selecting the green left arrow under Report Columns removes unwanted data. Next, click View Report.

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