How do I customize date ranges in JenesisNow reports?

How to customize date ranges in your JeneisNow system.

JenesisNow- Custom Date Ranges In Reports

Start by going to the sidebar on the left, hovering over Reports (RPTS), and select Reports. Then scroll down to the report titled Expiration Next 7 Days. You’ll notice all the policies that are expiring in the next 7 days once you see the reports.

Notice there are ranges of dates under Expiration Date. When you run the report, it’ll determine when the date is. Next, click the green button labeled View Report at the top. Once you do that, you’ll be able to see the policy for a certain client and the date it ends. Now, at the top, click Back to Report Config.

Once you’re back in Reports, select the drop-down menu next to Expiration Date, choose Custom, and then type in the dates you want. Then click Save, go back to Choose Report, and scroll down to Expiration Next 7 days. The custom date range you selected will now be present. Note: Once you save your date ranges, they will remain the same until you change them again.

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