How do I create a Marketing Campaign Report?

JenesisNow has new reports on marketing campaigns available!


JenesisNow – Marketing Campaign Report

There is a new Marketing Campaign Report in JenesisNow.

To navigate to the automatic email and text marketing campaigns in JenesisNow:
Click Agency from the vertical menu on the left, All Locations and then choose your location to view/edit and turn off/on the campaign types.

No campaign is measurable without reports and visible results. So, this video gives you a tour of the reports available to you around the marketing campaigns.

To add the Marketing Campaigns card on your dashboard, click the plus (+) sign and choose Marketing. On the dashboard marketing card, you’ll see how many text and email campaign messages were sent to your customers today. Single-click anywhere in the Marketing card and you’ll be taken to the report builder.

If you prefer not to have the marketing card on your dashboard, select Reports from the vertical menu on the left side of the screen, under Base Reports, and select Marketing History.

As an example, we want to look at all texts that were sent on the birthday campaign last year. You have the option to save any report so that you don’t have to build it each time by naming the report and clicking the Memorize button.

You may select multiple campaigns, date ranges, texts or emails or both, and more.

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