How do I determine how many hours an agent has worked?

To determine how many hours an agent has worked you need to make sure that your agents are using the ‘Time Clock’ feature in Jenesis. You can also determine how many hours over/short an agent was, if you enter the hours they work in the ‘User Setup’ portion of Jenesis. The person pulling the report will either need to be an administrator or be allowed to view Production Reports.

Once you are ready, follow the steps below to pull the Time Clock Report:

1. Go to the Reports Tab from the menu at the top of your main screen

2. Choose Production

3. Select the Misc. Tab

4. Place a check mark in the box labeled Time Clock Report (this is in the middle row)

5. Choose a Beginning Date and Ending Date in the filters labeled as such

6. Click Preview

7. To print the report you will click the Print option on the menu at the top.


You can view the videos on using the Time Clock by clicking the links below



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