Cool features 

All other features

  • We have added Policy Type and New/Renewal to the Payment Detail report.
  • When printing a letter, a note will now be automatically created that a letter was printed and the note will include the content of the letter.
  • We have disabled database sync downloads by default for existing agencies to prevent duplicate downloads. This option can be turned on, if needed, by contacting Jenesis Support.
  • We have changed the Acord 131 to bring in the producer name instead of the agency name
  • Added an Other button to the client policy list so users can filter to show all policies other than personal lines and commercial lines.
  • We have added the Acord 22, Intermodal Interchange Certificate of Insurance form.
  • We have added a reply button to the text history form.
  • We have added a Premium column in the ‘Policy Version List’ window to easily see premiums on prior policy versions.
  • We have added the ability to attach existing media to a J-Mail.