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Modern insurance customers are bombarded with information and marketing daily. So how do you ensure that your content is what customers want to see? The answer lies in content strategy: creating a strategy that allows you to create valuable content and deliver it on platforms your audience prefers. And the best way to do this effectively is to understand what your audience wants.

Understanding Your Target Audience

Before you can sit down and create content, you need the correct information. This means analyzing audience data like age, location, and income brackets. Do research about what causes anxiety for different generations, insurance-wise. Find out what your audience’s life goals are. Doing proper homework will ensure you can create content that resonates deeply with your audience. You can do market research, send out surveys, or analyze your website traffic data to get the required insights.

For instance, if your agency sells home insurance for first-time homeowners, you must understand their concerns about protecting their investment and family. They may want to steer clear of complex insurance coverage and the best deal you can give them. This is a scenario that can take on dozens of forms. Your content needs to speak to different people on different life journeys.

Creating Content That Attracts Customers

When you know what your customers (and potential customers) want, you can create core content that will stay evergreen. Also known as content pillars, these content pages can be used to address all your audience’s pain points while highlighting your agency’s expertise.

For example, if you exclusively sell home insurance, you can focus on the fundamentals. These may include home-buying guides and content about the risks of not having enough insurance coverage. You could even branch your content into home-based tips like preventing household accidents or securing homes against break-ins.

Your content could include insurance that covers extended family or pets. This is particularly valuable for those who have parents staying with them or just got new pets.

Using the Right Content Formats

Use several content formats when trying to attract customers. One of the most popular content creation options is blogging. While it is still a wall of text, you can break it up with quotes, pictures, and FAQ sections.

You should also use engaging videos that help explain insurance concepts. Video formats are great for testimonials as well. You could upload them to your website to attract more interest.

In addition, you can design insurance-centered infographics, white papers, ebooks, guides, and more! Create a presence on social media for your agency. You can break up your long-form content, so you have something to post daily or weekly. Social media is fantastic for sharing insurance tips and staying connected with customers.

Distributing Content Via The Right Channels

Your content will only be effective if people can find it. So, first of all, you must have an agency website. Your website should have different pages for different products. Each of these can have a dedicated content section alongside product descriptions.

You must also optimize your website so it ranks higher in Google search results. You can do this by developing a comprehensive SEO strategy.

As mentioned above, you must actively promote your content on social media. This is likely the platform where your customers spend most of their time. Furthermore, you can divide your audience into segments based on your initial research. You can then send marketing emails that appeal to each segment. Email marketing is still one of the most effective forms of promotional insurance content.

Measure and Refine

It is essential to keep tracking the success of your content. You can use website traffic reports and social media engagement to do this. You could also use the agency’s conversion rates to determine how successful your content is. Use Google Analytics and social media dashboards to get the information you need. Once you have analyzed this data, you can refine your strategy for even more success.

Content Marketing Trends

In 2024, there will be an even stronger focus on personalized content marketing as well as interactive content. You want to create content that appeals to all segments of your audience. And you want them to interact with it. Furthermore, video content, especially short-form video, continues to gain traction.

Build a Successful Content Strategy in 2024

Leave the straight sales pitch behind and focus on creating valuable content instead. This type of content will attract clients throughout the year, helping your agency to stay successful. Interested in learning more about how Jenesis can help? Request a demo, today!