Using Google My Business to Boost Local Insurance Agency Visibility - photo by pexels-pixabay-40185

2024 just started, and insurance agencies are already competing for space on Google’s first page. They use innovative marketing ideas, SEO strategies, and advertising to target Gen Z. But what some insurance agencies neglect to do is create a simple Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business). This profile is a free marketing tool that Google provides to business owners.

You can use a Google Business Profile to highlight your insurance products, provide your contact information, and, most importantly, increase your agency’s online visibility. And even better, you can use it to boost your local area visibility. If you’re struggling to get local business, a Google Business Profile can help you become a more attractive insurance choice in your area.

Benefits of Google Business Profile for Insurance Agencies

With a Google Business Profile, your agency will be discoverable via Google Maps and a general Google search. You can keep your contact information updated, and you’re always in control of the details on your listing.

Moreover, you can build a trusted local reputation using the Google Reviews feature. Google Reviews can be found on all Google Business Profiles. You do not need 5-star ratings only to rank higher in Google search results. It’s best to maintain a natural mix of negative and positive reviews, as consumers tend to be skeptical of businesses that only receive glowing recommendations.

Creating a Google Business Profile

It is easy to build a Google Business Profile. You only need a Google account, which you can use to log into the While logged in, you can enter the information you want to add to your listing. You’ll start with your insurance agency’s name, address, and business category. You must verify your local listing to help Google ensure that you’ve entered legitimate information. When your listing is approved, you can add more information, like services and images.

Also, you should claim an existing Google Profile Listing. If you’ve taken over from a previous owner, claim the listing on Google and make the necessary changes. Select more categories if you plan on offering other types of insurance. Add team photos so people can connect your brand with the team that will help them with their insurance requirements.

Don’t forget to write a complete description of your agency, including the area you serve. You can increase your business’s visibility by adding relevant location keywords in your description.

How a Google Business Profile Helps Boost Visibility

Your Google Business Profile will ensure your agency details appear near or even at the top of search results. That is because Google prioritizes local listings when people enter specific area searches. This is why a GBP listing is one of the best ways to get your agency in front of more eyes.

Furthermore, your GBP listing doubles as a web page. It attracts visitors from your local area and directs them to your main website. This helps to legitimize your listing further. You can also use your reviews page to direct people to your website. Add your website URL in your review responses and link them to a dedicated website review page.

A GBP listing also allows you to communicate and engage with people directly. You can answer questions and resolve complaints on this platform. Doing this will help you build public trust and can get you more leads.

Use Your Google Business Profile to Keep Customers Informed

GBP listings include a ‘posts’ feature. You can use this to inform your customers of changes in your agency. For example, if you’re relocating within the same area, you can post your new address to your listing. If you’re introducing new products, you can share them using the posts feature. You can also share links to relevant local events or educational social media content.

Go Beyond The Ordinary Using Your GBP Listing

Don’t add a basic listing, and just hope that your agency’s visibility will magically improve. Use all the features this listing offers you. If you have a highly specialized insurance product, use your GBP listing to promote it. If you have a product that would appeal specifically to a local audience, post it on your listing. If you’re getting involved with the local community, share the details on your listing. You can even use your listing to reach out to local businesses and sponsor local events. All of this will help increase your local visibility.

Additionally, you can use targeted ads to reach local demographics. You should do some market research first to establish your target audience. You can design ads that speak directly to this audience. Also, integrate your profile with your social media platforms to encourage more reviews. The more reviews you get, good and bad, the more visible your listing will be to a local audience.

Stay Visible in Your Local Area

Don’t neglect your GBP listing. When something changes in your agency, update your listing immediately. Updated and useful information is the first thing people look for when they scan Google listings. When you consistently showcase your agency using your listing, you can stay visible in your local area and convert more leads into loyal customers.

If you’re struggling to setup an effective GBP listing, reach out to our team today!