Creating a Cohesive Digital Brand Strategy for Your Insurance Agency - photo by pexels-leeloo-the-first-8970679

If you ask any big corporation why they spend so much money on branding and marketing, they will probably all have the same answer: consistency and impact. A well-thought-out digital brand strategy creates a public perception of a business. And it is up to each company what that perception will be. Digital marketing also leaves an impact on those who interact with it. Again, it is up to individual businesses how deep that impact will be.

If you’ve been ignoring your insurance agency’s brand strategy, or you don’t have one at all, you’re making it much more difficult for your prospects to find you. You’re also not making any impact on social media or via your website. People might notice your logo when they do an online search, but because they don’t recognize it, they’ll move on to the one they do.

The less recognizable your brand is, the more customers you’ll lose to your competition. You can detail your agency’s mission with a cohesive digital brand strategy. You can visualize its vision. You can target your ideal audience. And you can make their insurance worries something of the past.

So, if you don’t know where to start with your agency’s brand strategy, keep reading to discover simple ways to make your agency a household name.

Decide on a Brand Identity and Stick with It

A brand presence doesn’t happen overnight. First, decide on the story you want to tell your audience and potential customers. Your story should include emotive points that connect your brand with your audience. You can only do this by explaining and demonstrating your business’ values and mission. If your agency claims to be unique in certain aspects, explain why. If you do something different to your competition, detail it. If you offer a one-of-a-kind customer experience, highlight it.

But you can only do this if you know your target audience. Do you want to attract first-time homebuyers? Do you specialize in life insurance? Your agency’s products play a big role in what your branding will look like. Your strategy must appeal to the demographic you want to introduce your products to. This is where a comprehensive insurance agency website comes in handy.

Build or Revamp a Dedicated Agency Website

Your website, along with your social media profiles, is what potential customers will look for first. It is essential to have a professional but inviting website that instantly reflects what your agency sells. Also, it must be easy to navigate so visitors immediately find the information they want.

If you plan on marketing your agency to Gen Z customers, your website should include the following core elements: mobile-first design, excellent graphics, and impeccable user experience. Visitors should be able to get a quote, sign up for insurance, and even submit a claim within one or two clicks. Gen Z audiences demand technologically advanced features from all businesses they buy from. If you offer them this, you will minimize the risk of them buying from your competition instead.

Also, your website must always reflect your brand identity. It is no use having one color palette for social media and another for your website. It will cause confusion and even frustration with your audience and website visitors. Your identity must look the same throughout your branding strategies. This includes social media, websites, flyers, videos, TV ads, etc.

Use SEO Best Practices for All Content

You want people to know about your unique products. You want them to marvel at your gorgeous logo, informative website, and social media content. But they can’t do that if they can’t find you online. Building a cohesive digital branding strategy is about making your agency as visible as possible to your target audience.

The cornerstone of online visibility is SEO (search engine optimization). You must include key phrases and keywords in the content you post on social media or upload to your website. Doing this will not only help with the cohesiveness aspect of your strategy but will make it much easier for people to find your content, social media profiles, and website.

Use Your Position of Expertise to Build an Unbreakable Digital Brand Strategy

You are in a unique position of expertise. Use it to build and strengthen your brand strategy. Write blogs, share relevant articles, and have valuable discussions on social media. Create infographics that show the benefits and consequences of having and not having insurance. Use client testimonials and success stories to point out why insurance exists in the first place. Make insurance coverage something that your audience does not want to be without.

Then, personalize your communications with customers when they reach out for more information. Acknowledge their interest immediately and contact them on the same day. Use targeted email campaigns to keep them informed and interested. Doing this will guide your leads through the customer journey process right through to where they sign up for one or more products.

Don’t Give Up Halfway

Don’t lose motivation if your brand strategy doesn’t pay off immediately. In most cases, building a successful digital brand strategy takes time to show positive results. But, if you keep at it and continue to build your brand, you will create a consistent agency image that people will think of first when they need to buy insurance.