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You have probably heard it all by now. Promises of revolutionary tools and software that claim to make your life easier by automating your agency processes. Grand declarations that a specific management system is the last you will ever need to buy. You are probably blocking calls and diverting emails to spam to avoid hearing or seeing promotional material.

So, you’re probably not going to like the JenesisNow system, even though it’s a one-stop solution for collaboration, time-saving, and automation. Keep reading to learn about a handful of reasons you need to avoid JenesisNow at all costs (especially if you love twiddling your thumbs while waiting for your agents to retrieve client data and despise user-friendly technology).

1.  You Hate Being Productive

If you enjoy spending hours trying to figure out how software tools work, JenesisNow is not the agency management system for you. Instead of poring over user manuals and Googling complex instructions, you will basically ‘plug and play’ your brand-new system. This means you will end up frustrated with all the extra time you have to focus on growing your insurance agency.

And, if you love clicking through excessive sets of menus or trying to decipher a user dashboard, definitely do not invest in a JenesisNow system. Its easy-to-use interface will stress you out with its easy to use navigation.

2. You Want To Work Harder Than Necessary

Do you get up when it is still dark and get home when the moon is out because you are trying to figure out your convoluted client database? Do you babysit your agents to make sure they reply to each client’s email and scroll through your social media pages to find missed questions and concerns? If you do, you should avoid even looking at the JenesisNow option.

Our system streamlines workflows and automates many manual tasks, so you will have nothing to do with all your extra time. Besides, who needs such efficiency when you can have the thrill of sitting at the office for fourteen hours a day?

3. You Don’t Like Smooth Collaboration in the Workplace

Is your agency one of those places where emails fly back and forth and meetings and discussions never end? Do you frown upon real-time collaboration and instant updates? Do you shake your head when your agents ask about access to the database from other locations?

Well, if you ignore JenesisNow’s management system, you can wait for replies to emails and resolutions to challenges long after your projects and sales targets have reached their sell-by dates.

4. You Enjoy Keeping IT Support On Their Toes

Does your IT support team dare to work ahead by keeping systems updated and employing the latest technology? Avoid the JenesisNow system to keep your IT team on their toes. They’ll fill their time with frequent unnecessary updates, compatibility issues, and specialized troubleshooting. Fixing multiple computer issues per day will drive your IT team to the brink of insanity and have you smiling. That will show them. Who needs a cloud-based system that works with minimal effort?

5. You Find Joy in Watching Deadlines Pass You By

Also, why strive to meet deadlines? Now, you can watch all your deadlines slip away like grains of sand on the beach. How, you may ask? By not purchasing the JenesisNow system.

Our agency management system helps agents keep track of projects and sales and speeds up work processes. It also helps them set and achieve their goals. So, if you enjoy the rush of racing (and losing) against the clock, this software is a big no-no.

6. You Can’t Resist Impossible, Time-Wasting Challenges

Do you love your current, old management system because it tests your brain like an online obstacle course? Does it present you with impossible, time-wasting challenges? Do you appreciate the constant battle your ancient software presents? Then, you will hate the simple user interface and glitch-free capabilities of the JenesisNow system.

The JenesisNow system is not for the faint of heart. Our system stores all the information you need on an easy-to-use dashboard, connects you to your agents, allows you to respond to customers fast, and allows you to pull reports as and when you need them. The audacity!

7. You Want to Test the Limits Of Your Patience

Is each day in your agency a test of your patience? Do you relish waiting to access important information while clients yell at you over the phone? Do inexplicable error messages pile up on your computer screen when you need to use your system urgently? Does your database crash daily for no reason?

If you live for these moments and get excited about your blood pressure rising, please do not invest in a JenesisNow agency management system.

JenesisNow incorporates an Acord Forms Library, 2-way emailing and texting, automated marketing campaigns, a QuickBooks export, VoIP integration, and several other helpful features. This system is built to enhance and streamline and will not help you test the limits of your patience like you are used to.

Forget About JenesisNow

If you live for intricate office challenges, love complex software, and cannot wait to get frustrated about something, forget about JenesisNow. And definitely do not request a demo of our groundbreaking software system. As we said, who needs efficiency?