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In a market as competitive as insurance, agencies must be able to draw new customers. More crucially, they must also be able to retain clients. Without customer retention, your agency cannot build brand loyalty. You will also struggle to create a steady stream of income.

At Jenesis, we know the hard work that goes into building a successful insurance agency. We created JenesisSoftware to help agencies gain a head start when marketing their services to a specific audience.

Our insurance agency management system, called JenesisNow, is designed with digital marketing and enhanced customer experience in mind. Discover how this system can give your agency an advantage over your competition.

The Significance of Customer Retention in Insurance

The average customer retention rate in the insurance industry is 84%. This sounds like a good statistic until you find that the top five companies in your industry have a retention rate of 93% to 95%. This difference means a profit loss for your agency if you’re at an average of 84%.

So, if you want to operate at the top level, you must convince your customers to stick with your agency over the long term. Jenesis excels in helping agencies achieve this goal.

Creating Personalized Products

The JenesisNow management system allows you to create personalized products and services. This means you can tailor offers and experiences according to individual preferences and requirements.

What’s more, you can use the same system to market these products and services to your customers. You can create email lists and send specific promotions to selected customers. By doing this, you’re showing your customers that you understand their needs and value their business.

The agency management system uses data analysis to understand customer behavior and help deliver the required service. It can also point you in the right direction toward a stronger commitment to customer service. When you’re committed to your customers, they will remain loyal to you.

Omnichannel Marketing

Omnichannel marketing is another cornerstone of JenesisSoftware’s customer retention strategy. This valuable strategy ensures that your agency delivers a consistent customer experience across various digital channels. These channels include social media, your agency website, and email campaigns.

Omnichannel marketing solutions allow your customers to return to incomplete applications without starting from scratch. It gives them the opportunity to ask questions before buying an insurance product. It also allows them to buy a policy or claim from an existing product all on one platform.

With JenesisNow, you can integrate several digital marketing platforms into the agency management system. These platforms include email, live chat, quote applications, social media, online calculators, and more.

Furthermore, allowing your customers and leads to reach your agency via more than one channel will also do wonders for your retention rate.

Data-Driven Decisions

Everything in business revolves around data. It is the same for the insurance industry. Data allows insurance agency owners to create products that sell and identify the ones that don’t. It can also help you see which of your marketing campaigns excel and which should be cut short.

JenesisSoftware uses advanced analytics technology to identify and analyze customer data correctly and comprehensively. This will give you the patterns, preferences, and insurance gaps you need to know about enhancing your insurance offering.

Effective Communication

The key to marketing is how well brands communicate with their audiences. It is also essential that brands have several open communication channels as per omnichannel marketing.

JenesisNow offers and maintains several channels to connect your agency to its customer base. Using this agency management system, you can send informative newsletters and email updates about insurance changes and new products. You can also post on social media about the latest developments in insurance coverage and the insurance industry in general.

Moreover, the system stores feedback from potential customers, including questions and concerns. This allows your agents to respond promptly while your marketing campaign continues to reach more people without losing leads.

Building Trust and Credibility

Without trust and credibility, your agency won’t retain its customers. Trust lies at the core of every long-lasting customer-agency relationship. Along with making the digital marketing process as easy as possible, the JenesisNow system can also help you build trust with your customers. It ensures you can deliver on your promises and sell high-quality insurance products. And that builds credibility.

The Role of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is vital to customer retention in the insurance industry. This is why we’ve ensured that the JenesisNow agency management system provides a central platform for marketing and communication. You can implement this system to help you build SEO strategies and social media campaigns and send promotional emails from one centralized platform.


Jenesis excels in showing insurance agencies the way to customer retention. Our software is a comprehensive approach to omnichannel marketing, and it can help your agency attract a steady stream of customers.

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