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If you’re not effectively monitoring your sales team’s performance, it’s time to start doing so. The better your agents perform, the more successful your agency will become. As such, tracking and enhancing your agents’ progress is critical to the future of your business.

You may ask, “How can I track my team’s performance without micromanaging?” Enter JenesisNow, our state-of-the-art insurance agency management system. JenesisNow was created to encourage and support staff development. It is a comprehensive software solution for all your insurance automation and customer service needs.

This system effectively eliminates the need for manual tracking. It also allows for the automatic refining of insurance agency targets and goals.

The Challenges of Traditional Performance Tracking

The old way of doing things involves storing customer information on multiple spreadsheets. It also means time-consuming manual data entry. These methods expose your daily workflow to errors and inefficiencies. Mistakes interfere with customer service and overall sales performance. When sales start slowing down, it leaves a deep dent in your bottom line.

Without a streamlined system, it is hard to align individual performance with business goals. Therefore, an integrated software solution is the best way to keep sales targets on track. It is also the easiest way to connect your agents’ hard work to your long-term objectives.

Key Features of Our Insurance Agency Management System

The JenesisNow system offers several features for your agents to stay in touch with their customers. It also makes it a breeze for them to save all communication on one platform.

They can send texts and emails directly from the Jenesis system. They can also create and forward automated marketing campaigns to promote new products. Furthermore, your agency can use JenesisNow to send and receive invoices and payments.

Additionally, JenesisNow supports different media files, which means you can save videos, documents, images, and more. You can also pull reports related to production, renewals, etc. This reporting feature makes it far less likely that your sales agents will miss renewal dates or upselling opportunities.

JenesisNow allows CSV file imports, so your agents can store a list of prospects or customers on the system. The customizable dashboard makes it easy for everyone to navigate, enabling you to configure it to your agency’s preferred working style.

We continuously make updates to the system to ensure improvements in its features. Regular updates also eliminate software bugs that may hamper the system’s performance.

Real-Time Performance Monitoring

The best part of the JenesisNow system is its ability to track employee activities and achievements. This feature allows you to intervene when appropriate. The system can help you identify your best performers and stay updated on every milestone achieved by your team, big or small.

You can use the JenesisNow system to define metrics and monitor them in real time. The dashboards and manager/employee alerts provide visual guidance to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Customizable Performance Reviews and Appraisals

Each role in your agency is unique. This means each employee’s performance review and appraisal should be, too. You can use the JenesisNow system to tailor the review process to individual roles. You can further refine this process to include goals for each agent.

Moreover, you can schedule and conduct these appraisals, documenting actionable feedback and clear development plans.

Goal Setting and Alignment

Once your annual appraisals are done and dusted, you can carry on setting achievable goals using the JenesisNow system. As you determine individual goals, make sure you align them with your agency’s broader objectives.

You can also use the system as an opportunity to reward progress. JenesisNow makes it easy to track your team’s progress, which means you can celebrate achievements as they happen.

Learning and Development Opportunities

As you keep using the JenesisNow system to track performance, you will be able to identify gaps in your agents’ competencies. This feature will help you understand where your team needs support the most. This insight will enable you to provide support proactively.

You can use your Jenesis platform to connect with third-party resources to ensure continuous learning. Your JenesisNow system will then be integral in developing your team’s skills and promoting a culture of ongoing learning.

The Bottom Line

JenesisNow is the ultimate virtual insurance agency partner. This system is designed to guide agency owners and teams on the path to career and customer service excellence. We designed the system with employee development in mind, helping your staff perform at their best.

Every feature available on the JenesisNow platform aims to help you achieve this goal. Each component in our software solution was built with automation in mind. After all, automation is the way of the future, especially in the ever-changing insurance industry.

The Jenesis system’s integrated approach to reaching targets and upskilling staff is the best way to extend the lifespan of your agency. With real-time insights and a highly customizable dashboard function, you don’t need to keep doing manual tracking and data loading.

But don’t take our word for it. Schedule a demo today and get a firsthand experience of the benefits of the JenesisNow system.